Set up in 1988 by John Butcher, in assocation with Phil Durrant and John Russell in order to release Conceits. The emphasis was on free improvisation although structured improvisation was included on Acta 5 and occasional related projects focus on 'new music'. Principal musicians: John Butcher and Chris Burn solo, in a variety of group situations and including Phil Durrant and John Russell, Veryan Weston, and one of the last recordings of John Stevens with the Spontaneous Music Ensemble. The label is no longer releasing CDs though some stock of existing releases remains. John Butcher began a new label, Weight of Wax, in 2004.

Chris Burn's Ensemble Navigations (Acta 12)

Jim Denley, flutes; John Butcher, tenor and soprano saxophones; Rhodri Davies, harp; Stevie Wishart, violin and hurdy gurdy; Phil Durrant, violin; Marcio Mattos, cello, double bass; John Russell, acoustic guitar; Chris Burn, piano; Matthew Hutchinson, synthesizer and electronics; Axel Dörner, trumpet; Mark Wastell, cello. Recorded at Gateway Studios, Kingston on 17/18 September 1997.

Henry Cowell Henry Cowell concert (Acta 7)

Chris Burn, piano.

The trumpet of Angus Og [1918-24], The hero sun [1922], The voice of Lir [1920], Sinister resonance [1930], Advertisement [1917 revised 1959], Amiable conversation [1917], The fairy answer [1929], Tiger [1928], The snows of Fujiyama [1924], The banshee [1925], Aeolian Harp [1923], Dynamic motion [1916], What's this [1917], The tides of Manaunaun [1912], Two-part invention in three parts [1950], The sword of oblivion [1920-1922], Anger dance [1914], The sleep music of Dagna [1926], The lilt of the reel [1930], Sway dance [1956], The fairy bells [1928].

Phil Durrant Sowari (Acta 10)

Phil Durrant, violin, live electronics. Tracks 1-4, 10 are for acoustic violin and were recorded at RMS Studios, London in December 1996; other pieces for violin and electronics recorded by Phil Durrant in February 1997.

303 202 101, Sowari [for violin], Libero, Wingbacks, Sowari [for violin/electronics], Chew 1, Chew 2, Chew 3, Lurker, Either C.

Stefan Keune/John Russell Excerpts & offerings (Acta 14)

Stefan Keune, sopranino saxophone, alto saxophone; John Russell, acoustic guitar. Track 1 recorded at Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool on 16 November 2000; other tracks recorded on 20 November 2000 at Beauchamp Building, London.

Big George, Norma and Sharon, Don't do it again, 305, Tom and Irina, Just say cheese, Late arrivals.

Martin Klapper/Roger Turner Recent croaks (Acta 11)

Martin Klapper, amplified objects, electronics, toys, tapes; Roger Turner, old Amati drum set, certain percussion, toy piano. Recorded on 30 July and 1 August 1997 at Delta Studio, Prague.

Tsukibashi: part I.-III., Krach!, Twombly, Das prinzip des blitzens, Pow Mao, Good Schwitt, Gute alt bekannte, tail II., Ju ju juk..., Hearse T, Ein klein bleu, Armer tschitchik!, ...Carving a crimson career...

Lunge Braced & framed (Acta 13)

Gail Brand, trombone; Phil Durrant, violin, electronics; Mark Sanders, drums, percussion; Pat Thomas, keyboards, electronics. Recorded live at Moat Studios, London on 17/18 February and 22 July 1999.

One good solid punch, White coat perspective, Sensitive crime, Jack the superstitious Al, Braced and framed, There isn't time, Another good solid punch, Further.

Veryan Weston Playing alone (Acta 9)

Veryan Weston, piano. Recorded at home in Hertfordshire, Spring 1993.

One, After, Another.