danny dark

WALTER CARDEW & SABRINA Walter & Sabrina Play Pop/Walter & Sabrina Play Classical (WSCD 01)  

perf: Walter Cardew, Sabrina & Ensemble

“Walter Cardew, half of Walter and Sabrina Play Pop. . . Play Classical (WS), follows Eno in welding experimental techniques to format. A collection of songs and instrumentals, this album jangles along with all the verve of the Residents or Eno circa Tiger Mountain. It is also, and here’s a word under-used in the vocabulary of modern classical criticism, fun." —Louise Gray, Top magazine

(alternative catalogue number:  DD1113 – no bar code)

WALTER & SABRINA Rock ‘n’ Roll Darkness  (DD 1129) [enhanced CD contains 15-minute video]

Includes three brand new tracks continuing Walter and Sabrina’s dark scrutiny of the world about them, plus Quicktime movie content (enhanced CD)
(Bar code: 5 060135 670283)


CHIOMA SUPERNORMAL The Dark Album (DD116) 3-CD set


"forget Neil Hannon, this is the Divine Comedy . . . perhaps best appreciated if you grasp the nettle and OD on the whole package." —Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic

(Bar code: 5 060135 670153)


THE DANNY DARK GROUP Chioma Sings Tales Of Danny Dark (HCA CD 2)

perf: Horace & Walter Cardew, Stephen Moore

“A vibrant mixture of avant-rock, modern composition, jazz and experimental electronica, this mysterious album has been circulating for a while now and deserves to be heard. Put together by Walter and Horace Cardew (sons of Cornelius), and featuring the instrumental input of various ex-Loose Tubes and Billy Jenkins alumni, it interleaves electronic textures, treated vocals and thorny, angular composition that is strongly remininiscent of Art Bears around the time of Hopes And Fears. The album also includes material created in workshops for young people, and fantastically morose lyrics by Moore, transmitted through the heavily treated voice of Laura Pooley, who sounds like a ringer for Dagmar Krause in places. The fact that it's clearly taken a superhuman act of will to bolt all this disparate material together is what gives the album its strange, edgy charm. Walter Cardew's abrasive sheets of guitar and brother Horace's dry, insinuating tenor sax are the dominant voices on this powerful album." —Keith Moliné, The Wire
(alternative catalogue number:  DD1114 – no bar code)


DANNY DARK RECORDS TASTER (DD1119) budget-priced sampler/ Enhanced CD with audio and exclusive video content

Walter & Sabrina, Danny Dark Group a.o.
(Bar code: 5 060135 670184)


SABRINA Sadness and Life (DD1115) 

perf: Sabrina & Ensemble
(Bar code: 5 060135 670146)