Martin Archer English commonflowers (Discus 15CD)

Martin Archer - keyboards and electronics, sopranino and alto saxophones, clarinet, recorder, violin, bass guitar, harmonica, vibraphone, glockenspiel
John Jasnoch - lap steel guitar
Tim Cole - acoustic guitar
Benjamin Bartholomew - electric guitar
Chris Meloche - field recording
Jenni Molloy - double bass
Simon Pugsley - trombone
Charlie Collins - flute, bass clarinet, producer
Vic Middleton - tenor saxophone
Neil Stanniland - trumpet
Julie Helliwell - trombone

Recorded 2000 - 2002, and picking up from its predecessor "Winter pilgrim arriving" in using mainly tonal compositions, although overall it has a jazzier feel than the earlier recording. (2003)

"Martin Archer continues to record fascinating, endearing music and he does it outside any and all trends (avant-gardist or otherwise). He's a thinking listener's guilty pleasure." - Francois Couture, All-Music Guide

"It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up....inventive.....uncluttered .....sublime....a restrained floating beauty.....worth repeated listenings" - Paul Donnelly, Stride

"This release....affords the listener many pleasurable new paradigms for thinking and feeling via the medium of juxtaposed sound....I marvel at the composer's taste and ingenuity....unsettlingly beautiful....Bartholomew's guitar ejaculates death like a flamethrower....gorgeous morbidity...it's really, really entertaining" - Jonathan Heller, Sound Projector

Martin Archer Ghost lily cascade (Discus 4CD)

Martin Archer - synthesizers and electronics, sopranino saxophone
Chris Bywater - synthesizers and electronics
Charlie Collins - electronics, flute, producer
Michael W. Evans - percussion
Simon H. Fell - double bass
John Jasnoch - guitars
Martin "Mad Dog" Jones - trumpet
Brian Parsons - vibraphone
Angie Rosenfeld - cello
Max Wall - bass guitar, engineer

This album, Archer's first electronics based work following his switch from saxophone, serves as a blueprint for his subsequent music, and contains the first appearance of many elements which have been revisited on later releases. (1996)

"Equal measures of beauty, depth and an unadulterated focus that shines through both the combination of spontaneity and arrangements alike. A remarkable album." - Fourth Dimension

"The drama is startling. Archer's chill, separate sounds hang in the mind long after listening. Special" - Ben Watson.
"These pieces fire the imagination and stir the emotions, conjuring an intriguing soundscape. Recommended" - The Wire

Martin Archer Heritage and ringtones (Discus 18CD)

Martin Archer - violectronics, keyboards, processing, sopranino and alto saxophones, Bb and bass clarinets
Ingar Zach - percussion
Simon H. Fell - double bass
Rhodri Davies - harp
Tim Cole - acoustic guitar
Julie Cole - voice
also ran
Masayo Asahara - processing
Chris Meloche - processing
Herb Bayley - trombone

Archer's definitive (to date) solo release mixes elements from improv, contemporary electronics and folk musics, plus a nod toward Sheffield's electronic past, into a beautiful yet uneasy whole. (2004)

"A great achievement, a breakthrough, a quiet gem..... An uncategorisable CD that moves from the echo of one half-recognisable musical language to another; there is always a sense of melody, though often stretches seem apparently abstract; the structures are always focused and seductive." - Chris Cutler, ReR

"Astonishing and profound"- Stride

"A really rich album with a diversity of experiences and incredible presentation" - Jazzosphere

Martin Archer In stereo gravity (Discus 33CD)

Martin Archer - woodwind, organ, software instruments etc. with
Julie Tippetts - voice
Chris Cutler - drum loops
Charlie Collins - drums and percussion
Dave Kane - double bass
Terry Todd - bass guitar
Karl D'Silva - guitar
James Archer - guitar
UTT - turntables

A large scale project - double CD for the price of a single - bringing together Archer's unique mix of rock, improv and contemporary music sounds. (2008)


Martin Archer Winter pilgrim arriving (Discus 12CD)

Martin Archer - synthesizers, woodwind, violectronics
Benjamin Bartholomew - guitars
Tim Cole - guitars
Derek Saw - cornet
Simon H. Fell - double bass
Charlie Collins - flute, sampling, producer
Gino Robair - percussion
James Archer - amplified objects
Mick Beck - bassoon
Sedayne - crwth

Taken alongside the later Heritage & Ringtones, this slice of fantastic melancholia is a definitive Archer solo release. (2000)

"Archer’s nonconformist musical approach somehow echoes the more conventional Englishness of Soft Machine and Nick Drake without recourse to imitataion, flattery or recognisable tunes. Mixing pastoral acoustic sounds with electronic flourishes, the album could be seen as an answer to Gastr del Sol’s like-minded appropriation of classic Americana, or simply enjoyed as one of the most beautiful examples of this often intimidating genre" - Stewart Lee, Sunday Times

"Another stunning record of thoroughly contemporary music. Fans of the downtown Chicago scene will love this delicate, free music. Archer creates an intimate feel with sparse arrangements and gentle waves of distortion. Acoustic instruments and electronics are weaved together to produce pieces that are like a long journey; all preparation and anticipation. It's only when the CD stops spinning that you realise what a trip you've had." - Joe Murray

Martin Archer 88 enemies (Discus 10CD)

Martin Archer - digital piano & electronics

A potentially infinite series of compositions which sound almost like contemporary piano music. (1998)

"A stark and uncompromising soundbed successfully pushing both elegance and turbulence to the same heights.....Quite a feat." - Fourth Dimension

"I think this is a fascinating record both for its proposition, application and listening quality" - Chris Cutler, ReR

"As a user and creator of sound he is out on his own. It is that invention and boldness which makes 88 Enemies so rewarding" - Sheffield Telegraph

"Interesting and engaging, a successful work of art." - LaDonna Smith, Improvisor

Martin Archer & Simon H. Fell Pure water construction (Discus 11CD)

Simon H. Fell - electronics, double bass
Robin Hayward - tuba
Chris Burn - piano
Rhodri Davies - harp
Jenni Molloy - cello
Stefan Jaworzyn - guitar

A six part electroacoustic composition generated in the studio jointly by Archer and Fell. (1999)

"Reinvigorating the stagnant world of electroacoustics with non-academic strategies.....sensitive chamber-like expressivity"- Chris Blackford, Rubberneck

"Adds several dimensions to a world of ideas already pushing the boundaries of modern composition......evoking a wild mixture of emotions..... cathartic and expressive.....Once again Martin Archer and his collaborators have successfully created bridges between worlds previously barely imagined and they illustrate just how clearly modern recording techniques can further harness such vision." - Fourth Dimension

Martin Archer & Geraldine Monk Angel high wires (Released by Voiceprint)

Geraldine Monk - texts
Martin Archer - electronics
Julie Tippetts - voice
Steve Roden - voice
Rachel McCarron - voice
Sedayne - voice, crwth
Philip Thomas - prepared piano
Chris Cutler - drums
Chris Meloche - electronics
Mick Beck - bassoon
Charlie Collins - flute,producer

This is a landmark recording for me, as I've wanted to make a piece for voices for many years. I'm sure that this will be the first of many joint works by myself and Geraldine. (2001)

"The songs are beautiful, evocative haiku-like structures, some describing scenes or emotions, others the fragmentary nature of pure dream-state, which fits the skittering, flighty accompaniment.... Special mention must be made of Steve Roden's voice, which soothes the parts no other Gregorian can reach" - Trevor King, Record Collector

Archer / Monk / Tippetts Fluvium (Discus 14CD)

Geraldine Monk - voice
Julie Tippetts - voice
Martin Archer - electronics, saxophones, melodica

Fluvium is the second CD collaboration by Archer and Monk. It was originally conceived as a live performance work for the duo, but this recorded version adds virtuoso vocal orchestrations by Julie Tippetts. (2003)

(Bar code: 5 020492 30042 1)

"Geraldine Monk's poetry activates words, makes them events rather than hollow vessels for received understanding. They play, clash, spark and rub up against one another in unpredictable ways with unforseen consequences. Archer's stylistic flexibility suits such a project, chasing the utterance, keeping it company and enriching it......Haunting." - The Wire

"A postmodernist arcadia of limitless transformations.....A glittering set of variations, quite unlike anything else in music" - Ben Watson, Hi-Fi News

Army of Briars (Discus 30CD)

Tim Cole - Guitar, keys
Julie Cole - Voice
Keith Jafrate - Words
Martin Archer - Woodwind, keys, laptop

Folk prog in the classic tradition - Keith Jafrate's words with music by Tim Cole, sung by Julie Cole, and with adventurous arrangements by Martin Archer. (2007)

"A pretty fantastic treat.....offers a beautiful opportunity to broaden your musical horizons." - Sandman

"Beautiful, genuine folk" - Freenoise

Masayo Asahara Saint Agnes Fountain (Audiolaceration AL007)

Masayo Asahara - organ, filters, alto sax, shortwaves, composer
Michio Foschida - bass guitar, bass trombone, composer
Robun Dantomi - drums
Denzo Sawamatsu - trumpet
Meiji Benko - tenor sax
It's with great pleasure that Discus and Audiolaceration together bring you this re-issue of a genuine classic album, and a 60 minute heavy trip of the highest order! Shades of LaMonte Young, Soft Machine, Magma, Terry Riley from an album which sounds 30 years ahead of its time. (2003)

"Glacial blocks of organ droning are melted by the fire of free jazz horn playing and the implacable motorik pulse of prime 70's Krautrock.....juicy, psychotropic workout....visceral, noisy, rigorous, immersive" - Pete Marsh, BBC

"Filtered organ coiled into looping metallic torsion forms the spine. It's thickened with feedback and rock churn to hypnotic effect. A drone-prog-jazz tour de force destined to be hailed as a classic." - The Wire

MASAYO ASAHARA Saint Catherine Torment (DISCUS 19 CD)

Masayo Asahara (composer, edit); Martin Archer (violectronic); Philip Thomas (prepared piano)  
(Bar code 5 020492 30132 9)

Shades of Stockhausen and Galina Ustvolskaya to our ears, but with that distinctive Asahara minimalist touch. The 60 minute span seems to pass in a quarter of the time. (2005)

"A 64 minute excursion into the possibilities ofprepared piano and electronics generated from a table top violin. And, as it turns out, the possibilities seem near endless." - Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise

"The compositional approach and bare eastern sensibility, brings forward an emptiness where modesty of resources or striking contrasts move at ease."- Modisiti

"The worst of and the best of Cage and Stockhausen, all provided in one handy pouch of minimal grumbling."- Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector

ASK Acoustic Quartet 2006 (DISCUS 27CD)

Martin Archer (sopranino & alto saxes, bass recorder)/John Jasnoch (12-string guitar, mandolin, ud, frame drum)/Angela Rosenfeld (cello)/Charlie Collins (vibraphone, waterphone, mbira) 
(Bar code: 5 020492 30062 9)

This new version of ASK is captured here at a typical Notes and Sounds evening in Sheffield. The music moves between the languages of free improv and chamber-like AACM textures and melodies. (2006)

"For admirers of both European improv and old-school Chicago free-jazz, this one is a must." - Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise

"Impressively personal music." - Jazz Word

"Che qualità! Che classe!!" - KATHODIK

ASK Disconnected bliss (Discus 8CD)

Martin Archer - sopranino saxophone, synthesizer and electronics
John Jasnoch - electric, soprano 12 string, lap steel and fretless baritone guitars, electronics

The duo continues a music partnership of 15 years, rooted in free improvisation, but for this CD working very much with the sounds of electronic rock music transposed into new contexts. (1998)

"One of the most elusive releases it's been my pleasure to ponder over this year.....loose-limbed, agile and unpredictable.....Archer's intelligent electronics is reaping its reward in exciting works which effectively establish their own identities due to his disciplined flair..... Intriguing, challenging work"- Chris Blackford, Rubberneck

"Archer and Jasnoch have raised the level of what constitutes "cutting edge" free improvisation, bringing it into current modes without diluting its radical power.....highly recommended" - Wally Shoup, Improvisor

ASK The formulary of curses (Discus 16CD)

Martin Archer - sopranino and alto saxophones, bass clarinet, recorders, keyboards, electronics
John Jasnoch - electric and acoustic guitars, ud, mandolin, lap steel, tenor banjo, field recordings
Simon H. Fell - double bass
Rob Dainton - drums
Derek Saw - tenor and baritone saxophones, fluegelhorn, cornet
Simon Pugsley - trombone, trumpet
Charlie Collins - flute, clarinet, sound processing, producer
Chris Meloche - sound processing
Chris Bywater - sound processing

Archer and Jasnoch reunite for a second release as ASK. This time there are some full on jazz elements - emphasis on solos rather than collective improvisation, a realtime rhythm section and composed parts for a meaty sounding full horn section. (2004)

"ASK have made one of the essential jazz records of the decade.....they cover an astonishing amount of musical ground without ever losing coherence and focus.....work that's microscopic in detail.....a masterpiece" - Duncan Heining, Jazzwise

"Exceptional for its irresistable rhythm and cornucopia of sonic effects..... The musicianship is breathtaking, the sound processing reflects deep contemplation..... Take your ears on an adventure holiday." - Vic Allen, Artscene


Late in his life, during the years he spent living in Barcelona, Bailey returned for an all-too-rare British gig in his home town of Sheffield; the breath-taking results were recorded and can be heard on this Discus release – Derek Bailey (electric guitar)/Mick Beck (tenor sax, bassoon, whistles)/Paul Hession (drum set) 
(Bar code: 5 020492 30052 0)

Bailey captured live in his home town during a 2003 tour with two fine and sympathetic collaborators. (2005)

"Derek Bailey can't put a foot wrong these days, but he's often only as interesting as those he chooses to work with. Back home in Sheffield, he found himself withtwo of the most sympathetic collaborators he or we could wish for"- Brian Morton, The Wire

"Loaded with contrasts and rhythmically diverse articulations. Essential listening for Bailey’s legion of admirers." - Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

Bass Tone Trap Trapping (Music a la Coque 04)

Martin Archer - tenor & soprano saxes, violin, organ
Derek Saw - tenor and alto saxes, Bb and bass clarinets
John Jasnoch - electric and acoustic guitars
Neil Carver - electric guitar and little instruments
Paul Shaft - double bass, vocal
Pete Infanti - drums

Re-release of the tight, energetic and complex 1983 jazz-punk record which was the first outing on record for several artists who appear on subsequent Discus releases. (2006)

"This Sheffield six piece brim with courageous ambition, two guitarists and two reed players locked in a clinch somewhere between Soft Machine and Archie Shepp. The swirl of circular improvisations suggests this is one collective who could actually play a jazz-rock that moves and involves." - Richard Cook, NME

"BTT are Sheffield's answer to the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and they know how to entertain" - Unidentified review

Beck-Drenching-Pleasure A low carbonation (Discus 28CD)

Mick Beck - tenor saxophone, bassoon, voice & calls
T H F Drenching - dictaphones
Sonic Pleasure - bricks, flute
From what seems at first to be the most minimal and restricted of sonic pallettes, the trio creates a detailed activity field with all the articulation and dynamic you might expect from a more conventional lineup. (2006)

"After a couple of plays I found I was liking it a lot." - THE WIRE


Neil Carver (electric guitar, boxophone, perc, calls, water, motors, etc)/Martin Archer (software instruments, clarinets, alto & sopranino saxes)    
(Bar code 5 020492 30142 8)

Neil's unique approach to both the guitar and found/homemade instruments is here translated into a sequence of finely detailed electroacoustic compositions through extensive use of software processing. (2006)

"Experimental album of the week." - BBC

"Beguilingly strange - and strangely beguiling. Recommended." - BBC Online

"Artefacts is a great, complex journey, slightly unreal, dreamy and an intriguing mix of synthetic and human sounds. Every lover of improvised music should absolutely give this a try." - Sands-zine

Combat Astronomy The dematerialised passenger (Discus 20CD)

James Huggett - Bass guitar, guitar, electronics, programming
Martin Archer - Alto and sopranino sax, bass clarinet, violin, electronics
Mick Beck - Bassoon
Charlie Collins - Flute

James Huggett has built on the power and creativity of his earlier work, refining the rock and jazz aspects that often coloured them, and produced his most focused and ambitious recording to date. (2005)

"Heavy as plutonium this, like a 21st century incarnation of Magma's operatic "zeuhl" onslaught. Disjointed, pounding drum programs mix with deep, detuned bass riffs and electronic buzzsaw drones to create a relentless suite of industrial sludge-prog heaviness." - Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise

"Stunning transatlantic fusion of relentless, low-end industrial force with the explosive, ecstatic noise of questing free jazz."- Tom Ridge, Neumu

Feetpackets Listen, Feetpackets! (Discus 1CD)


Mick Beck - tenor sax
Alan Wilkinson - saxes
Charlie Collins - woodwind
Martin Jones - trumpet
Tom Spears - trumpet
Mary Schwarz - viola
Ross Lambert - guitar
Linda Lee Welch - voice
Mary Oliver - voice
Nigel Manning - sax
Pete Rosser - accordian
Geof Walmark - trombone
Dave Ellis - bass, tuba
Paul Hession - drumset

Grew Trio It's morning (Discus 22CD)

Stephen Grew - piano
Mick Beck - tenor saxophone, bassoon, whistles
Philip Marks - percussion
Beautifully captured studio recording of this long standing trio with each musician playing at the height of their powers. (2005)

"The give and take is palpable but, frisky byplay notwithstanding, they always seem to hold something in reserve, resulting in sturdy, cohesive structures"- The Wire

"Scorching free-jazz pushed along by Beck's post Ayler tenor sax. Ridiculously entertaining" - Jazzwise

HORNWEB The Rosemary Songbook (DISCUS 26 CD)

Martin Archer (saxes, clarinets, bass harmonica, software instruments, loops, violin)/Charlie Collins (vibraphone, waterphone, mbira, darabuka, tar, mazhar, bendir, metal perc, bells, etc)/Derek saw (trumpet, tenor horn, tuba, tenor & baritone saxes)
(Bar code 5 020492 30152 7)

Back after a twelve year break with a new lineup and a new CD, Archer and Saw are joined by longtime associate Collins for a series of compositions using each players multi-instrumental capabilities. (2006))

"A satisfyingly adventurous release." - Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise

"Proves conclusively that the members of the newly constituted trio have no problem singing from the same songbook." - Ken Waxman, Jazz Word

"A broad palette of musical atmospheres and traditions are articulated thanks to an enhanced approach to timbre and a careful weaving of real time and studio overdubs and processing".- Modisti

Outward Sound Ensemble Cloudburst (Discus 17CD)

Chris Meloche - electroacoustic guitar
Herb Bayley - trombone
Martin Archer - violectronics

Almost in the direction of some AMM or the new reductionist school of improvisors, but somehow more dronelike and textural. (2004)

"For this opulent, absorbing release, the prolific Martin Archer joins forces with the improvisng duo of Herb Bayley and Chris Meloche. Closer to the dark ambient stylings of, say, :zoviet*france: or Main than hardcore Improv, it swathes a wealth of instrumental detail in the reverb-drenched atmospherics of Archer's processed violin. Occasionally over saturated with this sepulchral echo. it's nevertheless a hugely enjoyable 60 minutes. Bayley's miniature splutters and smears dance around the stereo spectrum, showing his inventive use of the binaural mic system, and the thunderstorm that appears two thirds of the way through adds more than a touch of magic to the session" - Keith Moline, The Wire

Outward Sound Ensemble Thunder in a clear sky (Discus 23CD)

Chris Meloche - electroacoustic guitar
Herb Bayley - trombone
Nick Robinson - guitar, electronics
Martin Archer - software instruments
Charlie Collins - vibraphone, metal
Mick Beck - bassoon

Second Discus release from this Canadian ensemble documents Chris Meloche's summer 2005 live encounter with Sheffield improvisors, subsequently re-edited by Chris and with overdubs from Herb Bayley. (2006)

"A heady, slightly fugitive sound that interacts with ambient noise and physical processes to create a very intimate, introspective atmosphere that never stops reshaping itself, making for an impressive release" - Brian Morton, The Wire

"Minimalist themes and phrasings seemingly ping pong from different angles, creating the sensibility of actually feeling the music emanate from within." - Glenn Astarita, EJazz News


Martin Archer (violelectronics, software instruments, analogue synthesizer)/Hervé Peron (field recordings, laptop) 
(Bar code: 5 020492 30072 8)

Live improvised (mainly) laptop duo using field recordings as generator for much of the material
An hour or so of abstract noise passes imperceptibly, then, suddenly, everything feels shockingly different - Stuart Lee, Sunday Times

"Guaranteed to make even the most hardened sceptics want to smell new spring flowers and run naked through the fields." - Aaron Robertson, Sound Projector

Randomworld 1 (Discus 31CD) [This is a CDR not a CD release]

Martin Archer - laptop, harmonium, zither, chimes, bass clarinet
Chris Bywater - electric violin, processing
Neil Carver - electric guitar, processing
Chris Meloche - environmental recordings, processing
UTT - turntables, vinyl tracing, processing

Randomworld is a series of compositions initiated in 2007 and based on an idea by Martin Archer and Neil Carver.
The work is issued in a limited edition of 150 CDRs, cut to order, named and numbered for each purchaser. Although each Randomworld piece occupies an identifiable sound world (e.g. Randomworld 1 always sounds like and is identifiable as that piece), on each CDR various software algorhythms within the composition shuffle the individual musicians' Contributions and introduce elements of unpredictable sound processing. The result is that no two CDRs are alike, and each copy sold is a unique version of the piece - and that's not just slightly or cosmetically different, each new version will be structurally very different from any other. The finished CDR is packaged in a hand painted sleeve, again no two alike. (2007)

"Convinces as a compelling piece of electroacoustic music....its location of conventional acoustic instruments within a self-arranging digital framework produceing moments of creeping insectoid menace that recede to intervals of pastoral reverie....recognising the capacity of the machine to create and direct, and the importance of the human element when it comes to spontaneous composition" - THE WIRE

Shkrang! Some thoughts about Shkrang! (Discus 25CD)

Mick Beck - tenor saxophone, bassoon, voice & calls
Dave Tucker - electric guitar, laptop
Paul Hession - drumset

The Beck/Hession duo is legendary for focus and power. Add Tucker's spiky guitar/electronics and there's something even more striking. (2006)

"An inspiring endeavor where multiplicity and ingenuity attain a triumphant coexistence" - Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

"There isn't an improv duo in Britain at the moment that can match Beck and Hession for sheer energy and concentration" - Brian Morton, The Wire

Transient v Resident Electrical shroud (Discus 7CD)

Chris Bywater - synthesizers and electronics
Martin Archer - synthesizers and electronics

The group works in the broad genre of creative electronic music, which for us is a direct songline from the early experiments of Stockhausen and Dockstader, through the classic German synthesists of the 1970s and 1980s to the dark ambient and dub soundsmiths of today. (1997)

"An environment which falls somewhere between a computer system breakdown and a series of controlled explosions in a virtual landscape.....An air of constant surprise is generated.....Compelling and in keeping with the spirit behind Oval, Microstoria, DJ Spooky, Seefeel.....Catch up with this absolutely mesmerising release" - Fourth Dimension

"You've only to play this against any given slice of experimental techno and you'll likely find TvR win every time, scoring full marks for inspired and dangerous chaos.....Fantastic recorded sound quality.....You can almost hear the machines think" - Sound Projector

Transient v Resident Medulla (Discus 13CD)

Chris Bywater - synthesizers and electronics
Martin Archer - synthesizers and electronics, sopranino saxophone
Derek Saw - trumpet
Benjamin Bartholomew - guitars
Kamalbir Singh - violin
Second album from wide ranging electronics based duo. We've tried to create a series of works which combine sophistication of structure with immediacy and clarity of sound and purpose. (2001)

"You can never see the whole thing at once, nor discern what direction it might be heading in...constant inventiveness and hunger for experimentation...they sweat buckets in their tireless efforts to keep the music perpetually surprising... the usual high standard of attention to detail, craft and production...even the smallest squeal and buzz is as finely crafted as a piece of cathedral masonry" - Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector

"Crossing a number of genre boundaries - modern classical piano, jazz improv, electronica - Transient v Resident aim to create improvised, electronic music which retains its freshness over time by carefully chosen sounds and structures. I think they achieve their aim, and expect to be listening to this album in years to come." - Ampersand Etcetera.

Various [see below] NETWORK – VOLUME TWO 54 Music Miniatures (DISCUS 5CD)

(Bar code: 5 020492 30032 2)

Compilation of 54 short tracks by artists worldwide edited into a single flow. (1995)

"Extremely varied and addictive, definitely the most exciting and compelling compilation you will hear for a long time"- Noisegate

"The highlights are too numerous to mention" - Sheffield Telegraph

Various [see below] Sound gallery (Discus 9CD)

Michael Szpakowski - Three paintings of Edward Hopper
Martin Archer - Silver and white sequences for Helmut Lemke
Tim Risher - The only reality is in your head
Tim Risher - In paradiso
Nik Bizzell-Browning - These Hands Aren't Mine
Martin Archer - 88 enemies, part 9
Dal Strutt - Variations for Bb clarinet
Dal Strutt - For Francis Alexander

Compilation of electronic and acoustic works by composers initially featured on Discus through the Network CDs (1997).

"Like a very good film soundtrack it evokes emotion, vast panoramic vistas and nervous cybernetic futures with aplomb" - Rubberneck

"Electroacoustics is often at it's best, as here, when lengthy periods of alchemical, hermetic tinkering are boiled down with intent" - The Wire
"A fine introduction to the world inhabited by Discus." - Fourth Dimension

Various [see below] This music is silent until you listen (Discus 6CD)

Martin Archer - A game of poker with Morton Feldman
Katherine Norman - Bells & Gargoyles
Simon H. Fell - Mutual and Reciprocal Ceremonies
Robert Godman - Fly Wheel Fantasy
Simon Vincent - Golden Gate

A compilation of five academically incorrect electroacoustic compositions. (1996)

"An interesting CD with much invention.....a vivid piece of cinema for your ears if ever there was one" - Audion

"A fine collection.....listenable and worthwhile." - Progress Report

For more information about the Discus label, go to www.discus-music.co.uk.