NOUVELLE CUISINE Phrygian Flight (EX 222-2)

Large-scale jazz line-up (feat. Fritz Hausinger) refuses to be pigeon-holed in whirlwind collection
(Bar code:  9 005346 122226)


WERNER RADITSCHNIG Aluphon – Autoerotico Stomp for Soundsculpture & Machines (EX 248–2)

perf: Werner Raditschnig  (Bar code: 9 005346 124824)


YUKI MORIMOTO Drawn Shades/Cord for Strings/Once In Arcadia II for Solo Violin/M14 & M15/Insomnia/Indirect Cause/Rabbit/Dark Print for Solo Bass/At All The Bars In Town/Reunion (EX 157 CD)

perf: Ensemble 9


LAKIS & ACHWACH [ime] (EX 299-2)

Lakis Jordanopoulos (voice, guitar)/Julie Rixinger (voice, flute, etc)/Marios Anastassiou (bouzouki, electric guitar, lute, voice)/Rudi Berger (violin)/Levent Tarhan (perc)/Herwig Thöny (double & electric bass, cello, etc) plus: Hakan Gürses (oud, bouzouki, flute, e-bow, voice)/Antonis Vounelakos (flamenco guitar)/Nicky Eggl (clarinet, mandolin)/Martin Ptak (trombone)/Peter Huber (trumpet)/Hossein Yalery (wind instruments)/Herbert Kral (organ) 
(Bar code: 9 005346 129928)