1.0 LIVE AT THE ROUNDHOUSE [FMRCD98]    the startlingly exciting 30 piece big band that has assumed the mantle left by Loose Tubes! Thoroughly engaging they have been described as a cross between Schoenberg and Starsky and Hutch! Somehow they manage to fuse the improvisation of jazz with classical string arrangements, hip hop rhythms and dance floor grooves .... and a voodoo tension that echoes film scores !... Exuberant, infectious and above all a band with unparalleled spirit that is always prepared to push the barriers!

Acoustic Masks (Felix Jay and Byron Wallen) Murliton Music [FMRCDE49-0698]           

However diverse, all of the music is linked by the central motif of the acoustic mask, the disguised voice, so fundamental to the worlds transcendental musical traditions. Mirliton marimba, muted trumpet, marimba bottletops, ngoni hunters harp, amplified sitars, e-bowed guitar, even MIDI ‘a sort of alternative ‘spirit voice’ are used to great effect. The piano preparations nod towards both players’ developing involvement with the gamelan. This recording is the outcome of their joint trip to Java returning with serious collections of inspirational instruments.


Trevor Watts (alto), John Stevens (drums), Ron Herman (bass), Jeff Clyne (bass) Watts and Stevens are today considered true legends of the British jazz scene, and this spellbinding 1973 Amalgam release demonstrates there status wonderfully. Dedicated to drummers Eddie Blackwell and Billy Higgins for their contribution to jazz music. Without them, Watts sleeve notes reveal, 'Ornette Coleman's music could not have developed as strongly as it did, even though Ornette was one of a handful of 'pure-rhythm' horn players. Playing with John Stevens and being his best friend for years had helped tremendously in making Watts a more rhythmically aware saxophonist and this re-release is as much a dedication to Stevens' contributions to music as of his heroes Billy Higgins and Eddie Blackwell. This continues FMRs list of excellent re-released Amalgam CDs bringing incredible music to a new audience.


FMR is proud to finally include a major recording by Trevor Watts and Amalgam on its 'Legacy' label, A major release of the 70's classic never previously released onto CD, Amalgam where a highly respected group which for this recording included John Stevens, and two bass players, Jeff Clyne and Barry Guy. Actually recorded in the spring of 1969 it contains 5 pieces and Trevor Watts has said of the title track, 'The mood of Prayer for Peace' is a very strong part of my musical personality The theme came to me during an improvisation. Afterwards 1 remembered h because the feeling was so beautiful for me 1 wanted to recreate it, and give the feeling of peace and beauty to others'.

The Amazing Band Roar [FMRCD40-L0797]           

Unearthed during research for the book "Wrong Movements - a Robert Wyatt History" this CD contains two pieces that were originally recorded for l.p. release in 1970. Although Amazing Band never had a recording issued during their time, they did perform frequently during the 60’s/70’s and were broadcast by the BBC on two occasions in 1970 and 1979. A must for Robert Wyatt devotees, we must not overlook the valuable input from the rest of the group - especially Mick Brannan and the late Mal Dean, and his wonderful cartoons , also published in the booklet.

Jamie Anderson Dogcatchers Trio [FMRCD65-V0899]           

The debut CD from young saxophone talent Jamie Anderson brings together a trio performance of pure vibrance. Featuring four of Jamie's own compositions, plus two standards ('Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing' and 'Chelsea Bridge') and the bass and drum talents of Arnie Somogyl and Gene Calderazzo respectively, 'Dogcatcher' is the perfect example of 'the new breed' of jazz talent. Recorded with a 'first takes only' policy, the trio emit a raw energy that will make anyone sit up and listen. "To me, jazz music means of the moment. To be true to this spirit of spontaneity all the tunes on this album are live first takes capturing the vibe." Jamie Anderson


Luke Annersley is another of an impressive list of new young saxophone talents that amazingly manage to excel at many other musical levels such as composition as well playing, and on this brilliant new release we hear 4 new compositions by him plus some surprising arrangements! Joined by a really strong lineup of legendary guitarist Dave Cliff, solid bassist Simon Thorpe and the versatile drummer Matt Skeiton, The altoist's beautiful tone, fine technique and imagination are always to the fore! Although not ground breakingly avantgarde the group produces a fresh and purposeful sound and energy that confirms good jazz is alive and well!


Deep Listening and communication by four internationally celebrated greats of the free music scene. AXON is a group with unique instrumentation and similarly distinctive musical personality. The group was formed in 1991 as a trio and has since toured extensively throughout Europe. Since 2000 the group has worked together extensively with pianist Fred van Hove. The legendary Phil Minton has redefined the voice and its role in music over the decades, Marcio Mattos, originally from Rio de Janeiro has become one of the most in-demand musicians on the London circuit, “Fred Van Hove may stand as the preeminant exponent of modern piano improvisation on this planet” (Glen Astarita) and Martin Blume’s “drive is not just his own rhythmic energy but above all the accord with the other instrumentalists” (Reinhard Kager)

Baschet Brothers Les Sculptures Sonores: The First Fifty Years [FMRCD63-0599]           

A chronologically edited, audio document of the definitive recorded output of 'Les Sculptures Sonores', the instruments solely created by the French brothers Bernard and François Baschet, who from 1954 pioneered for over 45 years a completely new way of combining sculpture and sound. Some small, some over 20 feet high and incorporating glass rods, metal cones, wires, plastic inflatable resonators, and many other devices, these fascinating structures are not only cosmetically entrancing, but produce an incredible range of sounds and varied sonic textures. The CD features music by composers and performers familiar to these instruments: Daniel Ouzounoff, Jacques Lasry, Michel Deneuve, Malcolm Ball amd Toru Takemitsu.

Buckley Batchelor The Whole And The Half [FMRCD11-V0295]           

Originally planned to promote a UK tour, this CD was the first by the wonderful duo of Steve Buckley and Chris Batchelor, increasingly in demand as one of Britains best brass sections! This excellent first album see's them share the writing equally and with two pianoless quartet's they achieve a strikingly powerful and probing excursion into straight ahead modern jazz.

Beck/Sulzmann/Laurence/Clarvis Once Is Never Enough [FMRCD28-E0495]           

A recording from four of Britain’s most outstanding jazz musicians. Gordon, Stan and Chris need no introduction at all, each musician has been at the forefront of jazz since the late sixties and has helped to establish British music on the world stage. Paul Clarvis is a more recent acquaintance with a fast growing reputation in the field of contemporary classical as well as jazz, he sounds as though he has played with the others for ever. The tracks, written by Gordon and Stan, were recorded in 1962 at Gateway Studios and each musician is given ample opportunity to stamp his personality on the proceedings.


This French singer’s debut recording hails the arrival of a wonderful new voice to the European jazz scene. Based in the United Kingdom, Brigitte has successfully produced an album of songs that demonstrates her ability to steer clear of the tried and tested formulae that many of her fellow singers choose. selecting a line-up of gifted musicians that will complement her skilful voice. Recommended by one of her mentors Anita Wardell, this is forward thinking jazz singing based in the now.


Frode Gjerstad (saxophones), Borah Bergman (piano) For this release Borah Bergman (now resident in New York) sits in with Frode Gjerstad on a stunning duo session, the first in the series featuring the piano. Unlike most of the other releases in the series Borah also plays solo and hits a very creative mood, with nods to the memory of Gil Evans and although the two have not played together that often, sparks flew at this session bringing the best out of both players.


My concept for this recording is that each drum piece serves as a meditation. A flame. An invocation. Inspired from the images from the great spiritual epic, The Mahabharata I called this record 'The Avyayah Drone Drums. 'Avyaya' is a Hindu word (one of the names of Vishnu) meaning constant, no change, that is a drone. I believe that the drone is an aboriginal or primal instinct in ancient music. One is of course reminded of the didgeridoo and of the distinctive tampura drone in Indian music. Along with the images of the Mahabharata I keep a war-like trance (by keeping a drone in the drums) consistent in all pieces. I hope this recording is enjoyed and hope that in some way my over-active imagination may have invoked some valid energy from the images of this great epic. Tony Bianco


Peter Brotzmann, Uusklya, Fris Nieklsen are Flying Feathers, and they do in this fabulous new studio recording! If your a fan of Brotzmanns 'no prisoner' approach you will love this record! a tour de force that never the less succeeds because of the empathy between the players who have worked together over many years. Peter Brotzmann is a colossus amongst saxophonists with an unmistakeable sound and style and we unashamedly recommend this new CD as a magnificent example of where this direction of 'Free Jazz' has reached, warm, passionate and moving!

George Burt/Raymond MacDonald Octet POPCORN [FMRCD136-I1203]           

George Burt (guitar), Aileen Campbell (voice, popcorn machine, hairdryer), Lol Coxhill (soprano saxophone), George Lyle (double bass), Nicola MacDonald (voice, melodica), Raymond MacDonald (alto/soprano saxophone), Allan Pendreigh (drums), Christoph Reiserer (soprano saxophone) Scotlands Burt/MacDonald axis continues its partnership with Englands Lol Coxhill on FMR with this larger group offering, featuring special guests Christoph Reiser, doubling with Coxhill on soprano sax, and Aileen Campbell providing voice, hairdryer and popcorn machine (hence the name!). This is another formidable example of truly great group improvisation!!


A rapid follow up to the highly acclaimed 'Tsunami'! Named after a real road in Glasgow and recorded over a weekend there, UK improv guru Lol Coxhill reunites with this excellent Scottish quartet for another round of rollicking improvisation. This is another great document of this consistent, energetic and hugely enjoyable group. Another chapter of the quartets adventures not to be missed!!


George Burt (guitar), Raymond MacDonald (alto/soprano saxes), George Lyle (double bass), Nicola MacDonald (voice/melodica), Bill Wells (piano), Daniel Padden (clarinet/voice/percussion) with Lol Coxhill (soprano sax). Recorded in East Kilbride Arts Centre, this is the fifth chapter in the celebrated saxophonist Lol Coxhills adventures with Burt and MacDonald. This new recording features the hugely successful pianist Bill Wells along with the presiding genius of The One Ensemble - Daniel Padden, a stalwart of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. Lol plays his bent soprano on this session (like a tiny alto) and features the first ever recorded duet between bandleaders George Burt and Raymond MacDonald

CALLING SIGNALS [FMRCD177-I0505]           

Coming after the major success of recent groups involving Frode Gjerstad such as ‘Ultralyd' and his ‘St Louis' Trio on FMR this is strangely different! Perhaps its the sound of the bandeon played by the wonderful Norwegian Ilvind Hendriksen that provides a more laid back and introspective texture for the groups overall sound. And again it is less frenetic, more folky and opens new frontiers for group improvisation and its sound palette. Fans of Frode Gjerstad will, however, not be disappointed, as with musicians such as as Paal Neilsen Love as well as Frode, British bass player Nick Stevens and the inclusion of Hendriksen, the outcome could only be as it is: highly stimulating improvisation, that like much of Frode Gjerstads music, breaks new ground!


Frode Gjerstad (clarinets), Tony Marsh (drums), Eivin One Pedersen (accordeon), Nick Stephen (acoustic bass A brisk return outing for Nick Stephens and Frode Gjerstads improvising quartet. Recorded at the 2005 Southend International Jazz Festival, this stirling performace captures Gjerstads clarinets and Stephens’ controlled bass stunningly. Eiven One Pedersen’s accordeon is again included to great effect, its sound opening up whole new avenues for this exceptional unit. Also featured in this recording is Tony Marsh, stepping in on percussive duties, an exceptional drummer whose name alone can usher in new depths of creation and add that extra special emotive spark.

Kelvin Christiane Salute the Sun [FMRCD43]           

Saxophonist Christiane has an enchanting way about his playing and this collection of self penned jazz. Kelvin brings together some of his favourite musicians, and is another of Britains up and coming jazz musicians to prove that local talent is not hard to come by.Watch this name as one of he new tenor Lions.

Marc Copland/Stan Sulzmann Never At All  [FMRCD05-V28193]           

Marc Copland is fast becoming a major force in American jazz, currently playing with names like Ralph Towner, John Abercrombie and Gary Peacock. While in the UK some years ago he made friends with Stan Sulzmann and later they recorded this CD which shows a fascinating interplay and empathy.


Pete Corser (tenor saxophone) Paris based UK saxophonist Pete Corser’s solo recording is an affectionate celebration of, as Bruce Coates’ liner notes indicate, perhaps the most fundamental but most overlooked of the saxophonist’s tools: breath. Featuring six exquisite impov-based compositions Corser explores not just the melodic and rhythmic aspects of circular breathing but also its technique to highlight the other forms of breath that he employs - in effect breath becomes a structural and thematic device within the piece. Breathing Out’s six parts, represent a single work, composed and elaborated from a foundation of intensive technical practice with each composition played and recorded live and as a whole, there are no multi-tracks or loops.

Jonathan Crossley Dreams of Skilia [FMRCD68]           

Debut recording form this excellent South African guitarist. The young guitarist explores the rich textures of the guitar, with the aid of live electronics and sampling techniques. Dreams of Skilia also features Jazz master John Fourie as well as pianist Wessel van Rensberg and guitarist Reza Kahn.

Kate Cuzner Fly By Wire [FMRCD28-UG0197]           

Flautist/multi-instrumentalist Cuzner’s debut CD is a fascinating exploration of her passion for flight, both musically and emotionally, featuring several of her own compositions and some totally improvised pieces with percussionist Malcolm Ball, the keyboardist Alistair Gavin and double bassist Bernard O’Neil. With the assistance of Sound Engineer Jim Butler, Kates beautiful electronically enhanced soundscapes make a warm, gentle and passionate debut.


Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Paul Dunmall. Recorded live at The Priory, Priory Park, Southend-on-Sea as part of the 3rd Southend International Jazz Festival on Sunday 8th August 2004.

Hugh Davies Interplay [FMRCD39-V0697]           

Born in 1943 Hugh Davies has been a leading light on the British Music scene for 30 years, not only as one of the major forces in early British improvised music but also as a composer, inventor of musical instruments and founder of the Electronic music studio at Goldsmith college, university of London.This recording is a wonderful documentation of his activities in improvised music containing new solo material, duos with trombonist Hilary Jeffery and Max Eastley, and trios with his his long standing group with Roger Turner and John Russell

Ben Davis Group Double Dares are Sometimes Different [FMRCD48-E0498]           

Young, talented British cellist and composer Ben Davis’ debut studio recording featuring Chris Biscoe. "If the chosen instrumentation is a trifle unusual, listeners will without doubt be open to its possibilities. One recalls a disc by the lamented Mr Eric Dolphy entitled ‘Out There’....this could be seen as a homage to it, whether intended or not. However, it exists in its own right and in its own terms...It is my considered view, having heard this recording that Davis is clearly a strong and capable improviser and also a skilled composer of no little skill" Biscoe excels!

Roger Dean's Lysis Lives Resounding In The Mirror [FMRCD73] 2CD Set

A 2CD set of 3 recordings by Roger Dean’s Lysis Lives, AustraLysis Electroband ‘Resounding’ and the unreleased LYSIS Plus with Kenny Wheeler. These three recordings are the perfect accompaniment to the talents of Roger Dean, a must for all his fans, old and new!!


'Facing Death' One of the ,ost dynamic, resourceful and highky successful contemprary saxophone ensembles around, Delta's new release 'Facing death' takes its title from the Dutch composer Louis Andriesen and is based on Jazz legend Charlie Parker. The quartet has a reputation for offering a wide variety of stimulating music, thoughtfully programmed to provide amazing contrast, and this new CD is no exception, with stimulating compositions by wonderful composers such as Graham Fitkin, Javier Alvarez, Joe Duddell and Christopher Fox. A fabulous ensemble caught at its peak!


Christian Forshaw (soprano saxophone), Peter Whyman (alto & soprano saxophone), Gareth Brady (tenor saxophone), Chris Caldwell (baritone saxophone) The reason for this limited release album is two fold, in part it is a celebration of where the Delta Saxophone Quartet is after nearly twenty years of music making with the added opportunity to make a CD specifically designed to mark the quartet's second tour of this inspirational island of Formosa (Taiwan), the first being an amazing success back in November 2001. Following hot on the heels of its Facing Death release in 2002, somewhat dark in nature, this album shows a slightly lighter shade of the DSQ, looking back and looking forward with something old (Mishima - recorded on DSQ's first full album) something new (A Kaval Playing/Rhodopski Melody) something borrowed (July - not a DSQ commission) and something ever so slightly blue (Borrocco Number 1).

Michel Denevue Danse de Dunes [FMRCD66-V1099]           

Michel Denevue is well known around the world as the leading exponent of the 'crystal' , an instrument invented by the French brothers Francois and Bernard Baschet, and consists of a series of chromatic glass rods connected to metal resonators that produce the most wonderful sound when 'stroked' with the fingers. Allthough Michel has released a number of solo Cds, this is the one of which he is most proud, and that represents most eloquently his musicality. 'Danse de Dunes' is a homage to the desert, and the writing has an extrtemely Arabic flavour played beautifully by the virtuoso 'Ensemble Ishua', a group combining the Crystal with voice, cello, violin, percussion, double bass and chorus

DHA DHA [FMRCD145-J0204]           

Paul Brimmer (tenor saxophone), Mehboob Nadeem (sitar), Hanif Khan (tabla), Stan Adler (cello and double bass), Adrian Northove (soprano saxophone) Continuing FMR’s involvement with jazz and Indian musical fusion, Dha features two of the most respected new Indian musicians working in Britain.. Hanif Khan studied tabla at Darlington College with Pandit Shanda Sahai, the renowned tabla virtuosi from the Benares Gharana.He has been active on the London jazz circuit for the last 15 years, while Mehboob Nadeemfrom Bombay and comes from the illustrious Agra Gharana and has been the recipient of many prestigious music scholarships and awards. Their wonderfully seductive rhythms are completed by bandleader Paul Brimmer and Adrian Northove’s beguiling saxophones, and with the flowing double bass of Stan Adler, this is yet more evidence of the fantastic music these two (initially separate) soundworld can create.


Four of the greatest improvisers around meet in New York. I will say a few words about this music ... I love Nick and Paul as human beings and musicians. We decided to do a concert at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City on January 31, 2004. It was wonderful; the space had a wonderful vibe and the listeners received the music warmly and enthusiastically. I decided that we should record in a studio to capture all the details of the sounds we can make because live recordings (as exciting as they can be) tend to miss the quiet stuff. I knew it would be great because of the humanity and talent. Turn off the lights and listen..... Kevin Norton

Paul Dunmall East West North South [FMRCD72]           

A new recording from the excellent saxophonist Paul Dunmall also here on bagpipes) with a quartet including John Adams and Phillip Gibbs guitars) and brilliant drummer Mark Sanders. Dunmall thoroughly deserves his reputation as one of the most exciting British saxophonists in years!!


As well as being one of the worlds foremost voices on the saxophone, Paul Dunmall has also established himself as the lost authoritive sounds on the bagpipes, a brilliant instrument which has been given a very bad press by artists only interested (or capable of) exploiting its clichéd effects and 'world drone'!. Actually in the hands of a brilliant musical craftsman such as Dunmall, the instrument produced an astonishing range of sound and is often unrecognisable such is the diversity of sounds, techniques and ideas he produces on the Gaida as well as Northumberland and Border bagpipes, all of which produce different sound in themselves.


The exceptional British improviser is captured on this recording during a magnificent solo set at The Priory in Southend on Sea during its 5th International Jazz Festival. Concentrating for this recording on solo soprano saxophone, an instrument for which he excels, this recording is a must for all collectors of this virtuoso saxophone collossus. Nothing more need be said but to simply listen to one of the worlds great virtuosos on a solo voyage of great beauty!


Paul Dunmall (tenor saxophone), Paul Rutherford (trombone), Jon Corbett (trumpet), John Adams (guitar), Roberto Bellatalla (bass), Mark Sanders (drums) Paul Dunmall continues his successful relationship with FMR with a classic example of UK group improvisation. Dunmall’s ability to intermingle talented performers and instruments to astoundingly creative effect is ably demonstrated with Shooters Hill, a collection of three improvised pieces recorded all in one day at London’s prestigious Gateway Studio. The tapes, which have been in the possession of the saxophonist since 1998, capture seven magnificent performers in fine form and Paul Dunmall has been eager to share them with an audience ever since. This is wonderful stuff and it is fantastic to see their long awaited release, at last!

Paul Dunmall/Tony Bianco I You [FMRCD87]           

British saxophone hero Paul Dunmall and American drummer /percussionist extraordinaire Tony Bianco have made many valid contributions to jazz over the years and this latest duo recording is no exception. Containing 4 brand new improvisation workouts 'I You' is a wonderful showcase for both these musicians amazing talents.I YOU. The first inklings of consciousness. An ancient duality. Subject-Object. Man duets with his environment. Man looks out of his eyes to the Universe. The relationship between One and Two, the first movement in Mathematics, just happening over and over again. Music and listener form one relationship. A question and answer relationship. The saxophone and drums duet. A dialogue that is primitive but also futuristic. The drums providing the rhythmic drone on which the saxophone speaks a message.

Paul Dunamll/Paul Rogers/Tony Bianco COSMIC CRAFTSMEN [FMRCD185-i1105]           

Paul Dunmall (saxophones), Paul Rogers (6-string bass), Tony Bianco (drums) A superbly recorded slice of free improvisation from three of the leading exponents of creative music. Recorded at the Jackson lane venue in Highgate, London during a wonderful free improv event organised by the music specialist record shop Sound 323. Seperated into three sections, the performance begins with a performance of Tony Biancos Drone style drumming, followed by Paul Rogers and Paul Dunmall’s exquisite dynamic exchanges on 6-string bass and saxophone respectively. The recording is rounded off by a glorious trio performance. which cements the players’ reputations as the ‘cosmic craftsmen’ we already know them to be.


Although old musical colleagues for over thirty years this is the first duo recording featuring in this case the saxophones and bagpipes of Paul Dunmall with the large sound sculpture, percussion and live electronics of Trevor Taylors new set up. The last recorded outing was with the larger ensemble, the Intuitive Art Ensemble (also on FMR), but here we have the more difficult medium of mixing live electronic sound with acoustic playing and the two succeed spectacularly. Dunmall of course is no newcomer to improvisation with drummers and percussionists and is often propelled to great creative heights when in the company of stimulating percussionists! But this is normally in a more formal jazz acoustic situation, so in that respect this is a different kind of music perhaps reflecting an even wider range of sound palette.

Paul Dunmall/ Trevor Taylor/ Paul Rogers ZOOCHOSIS [FMRCD189-i0106]           

Paul Dunmall (saxophones), Trevor Taylor (percussion & electronics), Paul Rogers (7 string ALL double bass) “Zoochosis”: You’re likely to find this word used by animal rights activists in reference to what they see as the degrading effect of zoos on the animals they contain. Many animals, especially the large carnivores, become deeply depressed, even psychotic, as the result of captivity. Symptoms of zoochosis include nervous pacing, head rocking, and self-mutilation. In this recording the three musicians experiment with a different form of Improvisation than they have been known for, by multitracking different sections over a period of time instead of in one live session. This has been done deliberatley to 'build' various sections and atmosheres in a form of composition created yet still by Improvisation. The results are stunning!!!!


Paul Dunmall's third outing on FMR combines his pairing with Tony Bianco (on the recent IYOU CD), EastWestNorthSouth's excellent guitarist John Adams and drafting in regular bassist John Edwards. This is another lesson in free flowing improvisation, through three blistering tracks. we can jump on board with them, vicariously partake of the encyclopaedic sweep their wealth and depth of knowledge brings to the genre, and its capacity to touch hidden layers within us. John Wickes

ENSEMBLE Q UNTOLD [FMRCD135-C1103]           

Susie Hodder-Williams (flute, alto flute, bass flute), Emma Feilding (oboe, cor anglais), Stuart King (clarinet), José Lluna (horn), Jo Turner (bassoon, contra bassoon), Chris Walters (bass clarinet), Fiona Ritchie (percussion) Quintessence’s new line-up change demanded a new name and ‘Untold’ is the debut recording from the group under their new monica Ensemble Q. The groups choice of material remains the same, concentrating on new compositions by talented younger composers such as Joe Duddell, DSQ’s Gareth Brady, and another wonderful piece from Tansy Davies. Performing: James MacMillan “Untold” (1987, rev. 1999), Philip Cashian “among the bleached stars and suns” (2000), Joe Duddell “Endgame I,II,III” (2001), Gareth Brady “Skara Brae” (2002), Tansy Davies “Fern” (2003).


Clare Foster (vocals), Andrew McCormack (piano), Alec Dankworth (bass), Winston Clifford (drums), with guests: Shanti Paul Jayasingha (trumpet) and Jean Toussaint (saxophone) This brand new release from the hugely gifted singer Clare Foster demonstrates not only her breathtaking voice, but her undeniable talent as a lyricist, setting her original, smart and inventive lyrics (lovingly reproduced in the CDs booklet) to brand new arrangements of classic compositions from amongst others Oscar Hammerstein, Duke Ellington and Freddie Hubbard. This CD also contains some great guest appearances from the much celebrated saxophonist Jean Toussaint and the lush, ethnic-inspired trumpet sound of Shanti Paul Jayasingha, alongside her excellent backing band of award winning musicians: Andrew McCormack, Alec Dankworth and Winston Clifford.


Clare Foster (voice), Bernardo Sassetti (piano), Wayne Batchelor (bass), Dre Pallemaerts (drums), Toon Roos (tenor/sop saxes), Carlo Ulrichi (percussion) For many years 1 have been a great admirer of Wayne Shorters' compositions. His raw, human sound through the saxophone first drew me to his music. When 1 listen to his tunes, they speak to me in a very natural way 1 wrote some of the lyrics upon my own themes, but others were written with his ideas in mind. If you are looking for sincerity and delight 1 hope you will find it in this CD. It was all made possible by a group of very fine musicians from all over Europe, and of course it would never have been possible at all without Wayne Shorter himself.” Clare Foster.


James Fulkerson (trombone, electronics) Trombonist and electro/acoustic master James Fulkerson's latest release, and a first for FMR is, like the recent Hilary Jeffery CD, a wonderful exploration of an often under-used instrument, combined with his own inspiring electronic sound manipulations. An American now living in Holland and exceptionally creative and active, Fulkerson has had many pieces written directly for him by some of the greatest, most creative composers, most notably John Cage, produces here a masterful solo recording, using all his creative powers. A stunning CD demonstrating Fulkersons dynamic electro/acoustic soundworlds.

Tim Garland Points on the Curve [FMRCD01-V011988]           

The first album under his own name, this wonderful suite is influenced by the poetry of Phillip Larkin and proves beyond doubt that Garland is a major original force in British Jazz. Unlike the highly successful 'LAMMAS' that came later, this record is a conventional two horns and rhythm section, but the writing is fresh and full of authority.


Norwegian saxophonist Frode Gjerstad recorded this wonderful, spirited meeting with his friend, the late, great John Stevens in 1994 and it is finally seeing a release on FMR. John and I did a few duos over the years and this is the last one we did. It was a warm up for a concert we were going to play with Kent Carter on May 2nd (which was released on Cadence as 'Last Detail'), I had just got my ADAT and this was the first recording I made on the machine. Listening back to the tape now, brings back a lot of memories. In between the tracks there is a bit of talking and joking. As we drove to the airport we talked a bit about future projects and he commented about what we had just done over the last few days, It's good what we've done, let's just keep going. In retrospect, those words get another meaning late-on Frode Gjerstad

FRODE GJERSTAD TRIO ST. LOUIS  [FMRCD122-10503]           

Frode Gjerstad (saxophone), Oyvind Storesund (bass), Peal Nilssen-Love (drums) Recorded in St. Louis, this is the first recording for FMR that features Gjerstad in a none duo setting


Frode Gjerstad (saxophones), Nils Hennik Asheim (organ) Nils Hennik Asheim is a musician in an unusual yet highly enviable position, that of being an insightful, creative musician who specialises in an instrument that hasn't really been explored fully in the world of free improvisation. And this recording certainly exposes the amazing potential of the classical church organ when in the hands of such an open and talented musician as Nils Henrik Asheim. This wonderful musician is caught in full flight with the great Frode Gjerstad for this duo recording and it is the perfect example of a creative partnership made in heaven, the ethereal Asheim sound merging with the signature twisting sax of Gjerstad. Highly recommended this release brings us close to the end of volume one of Gjerstads excellent duo series!


Another wonderful duo recording from saxophonist Gjerstad, this time with legendary German saxophonist Peter Brotzmann.


Frode Gjerstad (saxophones), Paul Hession (percussion) Paul Hession is one of the most respected drummer/percussionists in Europe, and Frode Gjerstad has to be commended for selecting him for this new duo recording. Saxophone and drums have often been heard in the freely improvised duo setting (and there is certainly no lack in Frode output in this series), but each musician has enough imagination and talent to push the boundaries beyond the usual terrain. Hessions intricate, rhythmic structure and Gjerstads fluttering lines produce another stunning addition to the excellent duo series created by this unique, unsung hero of the saxworld

Frode Gjerstad/Terje Isungset Shadows And Lights [FMRCD89]           

Following his very successful duo recording with Steve Hubback (Demystify), Frode Gjerstad teams up with another percussionist, Norways Terje Isungset for this latest release 'Shadows And Light'. Isungsets unusual set-up of drums, and found objects (stones, metal and wood) mixes very well with Gjerstad's virtuoso playing, this time solely on clarinets. Frode say's 'The way he (Terje) uses his set and the sounds that he produces, to me suggests a music which fits the wooden sound of the clarinets'. Recorded in a school gymnasium in Bergen, this twelve track CD utilises the room’s acoustic character and the wonderful interaction of the performers beautifully.


Saxophonist Frode Gjerstad's third outing on FMR is another duo recording of improvisations this time with the electronics of Lasse Marhaug. This CD includes five stunning improvisations between these two masters of their field, with Frode's saxophone blending perfectly with Lasse's wonderful electronics.


Following on from the excellent duo release with the legendary John Stevens, comes this dynamite duo recording with fellow saxophone guru Sabir Mateen recorded in New York City. Featuring ten improvisations which ably convey both players unique styles, skilfully interweaving, blending and playing off of each other in ways only the most competent saxophonists can. This is a must for all serious saxophone enthusiasts, and a wonderful document of two of the worlds most able players in the ever interesting duo setting and a continuation of Frode Gjerstads brilliant Duo Series.


One can expect good things from any session with Kevin Norton's name listed in the personnel, New York's All About Jazz has said of Gjerstads latest musical partner. The American vibesman (also known as one of the finest drummers on the scene today) has worked alongside such greats as Anthony Braxton, and has been described as a precision merchant (The Penguin Guide To Jazz on CD). For this recording he brings his acuteley devised accents and polytonal rhythmic perspectives (Downbeat) to Frodes ever excellent sound world. The recording features much of Nortons fine vibraphone work as well as Frodes excellent and visionary playing.

THE GLASGOW IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA With Barry Guy [FMRCD168-i0905]           

This recording represents the ever expanding discography of one of the most exciting groups in Scotland at the moment. Already, the group have amassed performances with world leading artists, such as Evan Parker, Maggie Nicols, Keith Tippett, John Surman and now some stunning dialogues with the worlds greatest virtuoso bass player Barry Guy!

The glasgow improvising orchestra LIVE IN GLASGOW AND MUNICH [FMRCD139-I0104]           

Kenneth Broom (ts), George Burt (g), Matthew Cairns (ct), Richard Craig (fl), Tom Crossley (g), Neil Davidson (g), Peter Dowling (as), Nick Fells (shakuhachi), Robert Henderson (t), Giles Lamb (p), George Lyle (db), Raymond MacDonald (as/ss), Una MacGlone (db), Alexander Neilson (d), Peter Nicholson (cello), Daniel Padden (p, clt & perc), Emma Roche (fl), Matthew Studdert-Kennedy (fl), Evan Parker (ts/ss), Christoph Reiserer (ss), Graeme Wilson (ts) Yet more evidence of Glasgow’s glowing improv scene is here in the form of the first release from The Glasgow Improvising Orchestra. These live recordings performed at The Einstein, Munich (with special guests including the sax maestro Evan Parker) and The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow is a wonderful example of large scale improv at its best.

GEORG GRAEWE, KENT KESSLER, HAMID DRAKE FOR TRIO (16 FantasiestŸcke)  [FMRCD153-I0704]           

Celebrated pianist Georg Graewe brings his excellent improvising trio to FMR. 16 FantasiestŸcke is a collection of (16) delightful trio improvisations and is a veritable hotpot of talent and technique. The trio demonstrate their skills with an almost telekinetic ability and it is a testament to them that this is music with not just a brain but with a soul as well. With Kent Kessler and the always excellent Hamid Drake, this is one of those mesmerising trio recordings that shouldn't be ignored! Listen to it alot and it will unveil myriad layers of new beauty and expression. Beautifully recorded and an excellent example of how a conventional piano jazz trio format have transformed the genre into a completely new language.

GREEN ROOM UNDERTOW [FMRCD193-0206]           

UNDERTOW is the latest release from GREENROOM after an interval of ten years. Originally working as a trio, percussionist David Garrett, along with pianist Chick Lyall and guitarist David Baird forged a musical language which drew from such wide sources as jazz,modern 'Classical music' and the radical sonic experiments of John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Conventional instruments such as piano, drums and guitars could be combined with electronic sounds driven by computer as well as newly constructed instruments and found objects. Since 1998 Chick Lyall and David Garrett have continued to evolve the music of Greenroom by means of a combination of live improvisation with prepared computer generated sequences. On UNDERTOW they produce an even wider range of colour than before. Multi timbral explorations are combined with detuned acoustic instruments,flutes,sampling and electronic programming. Composition and improvisation exist simultaneously and the music is somehow arrived at through a dialectic of structure and freedom.

G.P. Hall Steel Storms & Tender Spirits [FMRCD58-V0998]           

Graham Peter Hall has come a long way in his many years as a professional musician; Blues, Flamenco, Jazz and hard Rock are the styles that most influence his musical formation. On this special double CD (his third release on FMR) Peter reveals to us some recordings he has made in the last decade, remastered and packaged with an insightful 12 page booklet. He uses a startling erray of tools that are combined with acoustic/electric and bass guitars, that he plays masterfully. Gary Husband

G.P.Hall Mar-Del-Plata [FMRCD46-V0997]           

The second release to feature the unique guitar capabilities of G.P. Hall. Although Hall’s improvisation techniques are highly evolved, he doesn’t rely on them as a means to an end, preferring to enhance them through the use of composition. Contained on this c.d. is one of Hall’s finest moments, at twenty five minutes long "The Estates" is an attack on the establishments preference to erect ‘new towns’, in the process destroying age old communities. The piece is scored for guitars, two piano frames, percussion, bass and clarinet. The remainder of the disc is full of some truly beautiful musicianship.

G.P. Hall Figments of Imagination [FMRCD31-V0762]           

Hall’s twenty five years as a professional musician; Blues, Flamenco, Jazz and hard Rock are the styles that most influence his musical formation. On this c.d. Peter creates layered sound sculptures which intersperse with beautifully melodic sections. Using a startling array of tools; Velcro strips, battery operated fans, battery razors, spatulas and crocodile clips etc that are combined with acoustic /electric and bass guitars, this CD recorded between 1974 and 1995 sees Hall in a variety of settings, both solo and group, performing with some of the countries finest jazz musicians.

ROB HALL THE BEATON PATH [FMRCD170-C0505]           

The Beaten Path is the much anticipated release from the Scottish-based contemporary duo of Rob Hall and Chick Lyall . Pooling their respective writing talents, both musicians contribute compositions, interspersed with a series of short, free improvisations. Their expressive range merges jazz, contemporary classical and Celtic sonorities, and this new CD recording exemplifies the fluid and engaging language these two fine musicians have developed over a two year period of performing together. The duo of Rob Hall/Chick Lyall has performed throughout the UK from concert halls to ceilidh rooms and is equally at home in jazz and multi-arts venues. British saxophonist Rob Hall has made a substantial impression on both the local and European scenes in recent years The Guardian. Chick Lyall is the most adventurous Scottish pianist of the current generation Penguin Guide to Jazz.

Rob Hall HEADING NORTH [FMRUGCD06-0898]           

This is saxophonist Rob Hall’s second CD for FMR using roughly the same personnel as the highly acclaimed ‘Open Up’ This Cd is based on the experiances of various tours up and down the country, in this case to Scotland, and includes many pieces written specially for and after these tours. The CD also features Robs expansion to clarinet as well as soprano sax, which has now exapanded to include alto as well. His full rounded tone has now developed even more along with his excellent compositional talent, making these performances along with his excellent band of Dave Frankell, Alex Keen, Paul Cavaciuti, Phillip Van Endert a further example of a fast maturing virtuoso saxophonist and major writer

Rob Hall Open up [UGCD01]           

This upcoming saxophonist/composer with the strong blessing of Jim Mullen (who features on this CD) has paved a way into the British Jazz circuit with great confidence, particularly within his strong compositional skills. With the addition of Dave Frankel (keyboard/piano, Alex Keen (bass) and drummers Joachim Leyh and Paul Cavaciuti, this is a strong debut.

Tom Hannah’s Agenda Part One : Desolate Streams [FMRUGCD05-0897]           

Tom Hannah has fast acheived a reputation as a songwriter. performer of world class. His writing is fresh, full of wit and originality and totaly uncliched.To do this recording consisitng of 9 excellent pieces, he employed some of the countries best known musicinas across the setrum of Jazz and rock. Including the brilliant Kelvine Christiane on Saxophones, Gary Hammond-percussion, Marc Parnell-drums, Dave Jones-Bass, Dave Priseman-trumpet, and Victoria Newton-backing vocals.

Steve Hubback Best kept Secrets [FMRCD71]           

For this CD actually recorded in 1997) Steve Hubback has finally produced a personal masterpiece! This CD is not only a summary of his current musical direction, but the total personalization of his style brought to life by the use of all his own instruments and sound sculptures. Gongs, Kyzees, Cymbals, Bells, Drums and a host of other Hubback made percussion produce a high energy but also highly spiritual percussive soundworld.

Steve Hubback Runecarvers [FMRCD62-V0999]           

This CD features the Norwegian group especially formed to play Steve Hubbacks compositions for the brilliant and original sound sculptures he personally designed and manufactured. Aesthetically beautiful as well as producing amazingly sonorous power. With sounds ranging from awesome gongs to metalic harps and soundplates the material perfectly captures the potential of a fascinating and largely metalic soundscape. Totaly original music played on totaly original instruments! a sensational success!! The CD booklet includes a fascinating collection of his instruments, sculptures and mobiles.

STEVE HUBBACK / PAAL NIELSEN LOVE Arrows [FMRCD138-1203]           

This CD represents the outstanding percussion playing of Britsh Percussionist and Sound Sculpture'ist Steve Hubback playing his own instruments , and the well know Norweigan virtuoso Paal Nielsen Love. They are both wonderfully sensitive musicians and there duo provides both explosive and dynamic playing to quiet and subtle areas. The recording quality is excellent allowing for the wide dynamic range of their hundreds of instruments to fully come through.


Paul Dunmall (saxophones), Phillip Gibbs (Guitar), Andrew Ball (Piano), Neil Metcalfe (flute), Hilary Jeffreys (trombone), Trevor Taylor (percussion, sound sculptures). 1st release from a new and fantastic collection of the uk's most prolific improvisers.

Peter Jacobsen Ever Onward [FMRCD12-V0295]           

Peter Jacobsen is well known as one of the countrys premier Jazz pianists, and his credits as a side man is an impressive who's who of British Jazz. Known for an incredible technique and mature musicianship, he has for some time been performing solo piano. This CD, amazingly the first in his name, captures perfectly his wide musical repertoire, from free improvisation to jazz standards and his own pieces. A must for serious piano enthusiasts.

The Jazz Percussion Quintet All Bluff and Porterage II [FMRCD42-E0697]           

Formed by Chris Baron, the culmination of a long term desire for a truly versatile but practical ensemble, with a wide repertoire of world percussion compositions as well as commissioned and original works by the group members. Featuring some of the finest percussionists in the UK scene, with a collective experience second to none, the members have encompassed rock, jazz, classical and world music and unlike many percussion ensembles have quite deliberately limited their sound palette to develop a unique disciplined sound and style.

Lisa Kavanagh I'M IN LOVE [UGCD08]           

Lisa Kavanagh (voice), Dominic Ashworth (guitars), Geoff Gascoyne (bass), Jamie Trowell (percussion/drums), Derek Nash (sop/baritone saxes). I'm In Love features the many facets of this new talented singer's vocal style from an easy swing feel to more soulful and passionate interpretations. Supported by the fine arrangements of Geoff Gascoyne who gives Lisa space for her own self expression and subtle improvisation and the piano-less set up gives the whole CD a refreshing look and feel.

Trudy Kerr Sweet Suprise [FMRUGCD04-0797]           

Like her close friend Anita Wardell, Trudy Kerr also came originally from Australia and has made a highly succesful career in the UK. Although with a different style, sound and more varied musical repetoire than Anitia, she certainly shares an amundance of ability, excellent stage presence and a highly sophisticated vocal command. in this, amazingly her first CD, she is joined by an all star group of the very best British Jazz musicians including Dave O'Higgins and the brilliant guitarist Mark Johns.Singer Ian Shaw has said 'I have followed her career and heard her gig through some of the country's finest jazz venues. At Ronnie Scott's she bequiled an eager audience with her highly polished show. This CD is a stunning debut!

The Kortrijk Percusssion Project The Kortrijk Percusssion Project [FMRCD88]           

For this brand new project Dirk Wachtelaer chose two other musicians who he knew of and respected, but had not worked with directly before. By coincidence both were British Percussionists, but players with subtly different styles and approaches. There was however a tentative link between them all, in that all three of these musicians have a love of sound sculpture and experimental musical instruments as well as percussion. Wachtelaer's idea was to engage his live electronic percussion and machine samples (which included the sounds of Pierre Bastien and Derek Shiel) with the beautiful hand crafted sound sculptures made and played by Steve Hubback and Trevor Taylors percussion sound sculptures created by the famous Baschet Brothers (Les Sculptures Sonores). For one week the ensemble rehearsed the material, before travelling to a studio in Antwerp to record parts of it, and finally performed the premiere of the music in kortrijk on friday 28th November 2001.

Lammas Lammas [FMRCD04-V0791]           

Since their original concerts Lammas have developed into one of the major groups of its type on the scene. Led by Tim Garland this record received rave reviews and continues to do so. Packed with a host of fine players including such great established jazz artists as Kenny Wheeler and Norma Winstone. The bassless ensemble works magic on Garlands highly original and emotive writing. This is a milestone in British jazz.

John Law The Hours [FMRCD41-V0697]           

This completes John Law’s well-received solo piano trilogy, like the previous recordings The Hours has been based on plainchant, this in particular from the Liber Usualis. "Finding common plainchants for the hours three and five and for the hours four and six I tried listening to the sound of each chant, to give each Hour a different feel/texture which I then explored in that movement; and I planned the textures so that they would give rise to a strong overall structure. In a way I planned the whole work as a composition though, in effect, almost all the actual detail was freely improvised" John Law

John Law Trio Giant Leaves (Autumn Steps) [FMRCD32-V0862]           

This recording presents the Trio in original material by Law. though the music certainly belongs to all three members who all have a free role with a lot of leeway to express themselves. In keeping with their long-term aim, to explore the classic jazz standard language from an open, improvised perspective, there are also references to well known jazz tunes - though everything is performed in a new and fresh way. With the release of this recording and the Thelonious Monk project (FMR 36), the reputation of the John Law Trio will grow in stature and given time will be spoken of in equal terms with the great trios of Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett.

John Law Trio The Onliest [FMRCD36-E1062]           

A unique CD presented as a collaboration between music and art: totally original renditions of eleven classic Monk tunes with full colour reproductions of eight abstract artworks based on his music, by the artist Melanie Day. As an unusual touch, six very short, increasingly abstract versions of the tune "Thelonious" are interspersed as in the Promenade from Mussorgsky’s Pictures At An Exhibition. All the members of the Trio get a chance to show their individuality and all three play a solo tune. And the music swings!

Jon Lloyd Sextet Praxis [FMRCD47-V0198]           

Jon Lloyd is probably best known for his work with his own quartet, which he has led since the early 1990’s. The quartet has released 3 c.d.’s, toured the U.K. and appeared at festivals both here and on the Continent. Here, Jon has written a brand new suite of compositions and has chosen to use a larger ensemble, featuring a couple of members of the fertile Berlin new music scene, Aleks Kolkowski on violin and Marc Boukouya on trombone. The writing bares all the typical Jon Lloyd hall marks - intelligence, full throttle intensity, passion and a distinct sense of purpose. A welcome addition to Lloyd’s expanding discography.

Raymond MacDonald/Neil Davidson FLAPJACK [FMRCD190-i0106]           

Raymond Macdonald (alto/soprano saxophone), Neil Davidson (guitar) Following on from a series of recordings and performances with Satoko Fijji, and Tatsuya Nakatani amongst others, this is the first duo CD by two players from the burgeoning Glasgow free improvised music scene. Neil Davidson and Raymond MacDonald are both members of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. They have worked together in various other scenarios, with Satoko Fujji and Natsuki Tamura, in a quintet with Tatsuya Nakatani, Nick Fells and Peter Nicholson and in various groups under the aegis of the kite flying club in Tchai Ovna. Neil Davidson has recently completed an artist’s residency in Munich (Villa Waldberta) involving collaborations with musicians in Munich. He is currently working on a project with sound artist Aileen Campbell. Raymond MacDonald’s recent work has included a Japanese tour in December ’05 and a concert in Milan with George Burt and Walter Prati.


Recorded in Studio Kockjoy in Berlin this brand new, firey quartet have burst onto the improvising scene to great effect. Abstract yet clearly a group working as a whole, Magda Mayas, Carlos Galvez, Koen Nutters and Morten J. Olsen clearly live inside the music they create, the players act as improvised music while the music acts as a real-time anchor ! .This music isn't easy to sum up in words, though the title of the recording gives the best description of this wonderful collection of seven joyous improvisations:

John Mayer Shiva Nataraj (King Of Dance)  [FMRCD86]           

This is the second release on FMR for the world famous John mayer's Indo-Jazz Fusions following the outstanding success of INJA (FMRCD69) released last year. Right through the 60s and 70s John Mayer along with British virtuoso saxophonist Joe Harriott took the group to the very pinnacle of success being the first group to successfully fuse jazz and Indian music. Like Inja the majority of tracks have been composed by the leader, with the balance made up by some very exciting compositions from the rest of the band and outstanding composers like Kenny Wheeler and Stan Sulzmann.

John Mayer's Indo Jazz Fusions 2000 [FMRCD69]           

John Mayer’s legendary Indo Jazz Fusions returns for 2000. Continuing his blend of Jazz and Indian music that he started with Joe Harriott, each composition (including one by Kenny Wheeler “INJA”) is played by an excellent ensemble of young musicians. A return not to be missed.


Compiled and edited by Malcolm Ball, this new CD is a major coup by FMR as it offers the only recording of Messiaen and Yvonne Loriod captures playing his pieces together. Conceived and produced by Malcolm Ball (the webmaster of the Messiaen website.....and self confessed Messiaen fanatic) he has persuaded the British Library to allow this music to be compiled onto CD with Malcolm using extremely sophisticated software to clean up the 78 records limited. The CD features Messiaen's 'Visions de I'Amen' for 2 pianos and 'Quatre Etudes de Rythme' performed by Loriod and the composer, and this release makes a major contribution to this wonderful composers available repertoire on CD.


Leon Michener is one of the most exciting new pianists to emerge in recent years. Still in his twenties he commands a frightening technique with a powerful intellect which combined with a warm and human touch make this a sensational debut album! To take on a horrendously difficult contemporary piano classic like Xenakis 'Herma' is no mean feat on your maiden voyage, but to include brilliant renditions of pieces by names like Scelsi and Ives is something else!

Nisajo Brink Man Ship [FMRCD53-V0798]           

This highly acclaimed and long awaited NISAJO recording features the international new trio of John Wolf Brennan, Nicky Heinen and Alex Alexandrov has already caused a bit of a stir on the European contemporary music scene, having received the Swiss equivalent of a Grammy. The Cd features compositions by pianist Brennan, as well as flautist Heinen, plus group improvisations.Unusual as the instrumentation may appear, featuring the wonderful Russian bassoonist Alexandrov, the music from this trio contains moments of shear beauty and intellect.

Liam Noble Close Your Eyes [FMRCD25-V0895]           

Liam’s career has already seen him appear in a wide range of ensembles, primarily in duos or quartets with Stan Sulzmann and Anita Wardell and with John Stevens Quartet, with Wardell and Ron Matthewson, shortly before his passing. Other associates include John Taylor and Kenny Wheeler. Liam has toured Europe with cult American composer Moondog, and recorded an album. His first recording under his own name, this is a solo piano outing that enables the listener to fully appreciate his style while he explores the potential of the instrument without being limited to purely jazz styles.


Elton Dean, Tony Bianco, Jon Wilkinson. The concept of Freebeat came through Tony Bianco’s realisation that time signature is another way of phrasing. “In Freebeat you will feel the pulse, it kind of feels like 4/4, but when you try to count you’ll find that you can’t count anything into it. It’s a combination of beats and phrasing, more like the way speaking occurs. Three of these pieces feature my bass parts looped (sometimes up to a hundred bars), then I play the drums to the bass track, afterwards adding keyboard chords, then Elton and Jon add their parts where I was able to open up the pieces into more of a free zone, while still feeling the pulse.. All tracks were first takes by all on board. The great work that both Elton Dean and Jon Wilkinson contributed is obvious. Straight and Free. Chaos and Order. Liberty and Responsibility combining for Freebeat.” Tony Bianco


This is a brand new solo recording by one of North America's leading percussionists. Indeed, I could say that this music is inspired specifically by three musicians (Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton and Haewon Min), but it is ultimately my music and I take responsibility for it. I've been developing this total percussion in improvised music idea for many years now and I feel that it's been encouraged by people like Anthony (amongst many others). This is an important journey for me and it will continue. Quark Bercuse is a culmination of where the musician has been heading in the last few years and an important platform for Norton's musical research and communication.

Mike Osborne Outback [FMRCD07-L031994]           

Winner of many alto polls in the '70's Mike Osborne was THE altoist of the era, full of fire and invention his career was unfortunately cut short by illness. OUTBACK was one of the success stories of the time. Available for the first time on CD this important music is long overdue a second lease of life.

Mike Osborne Shapes [FMRCD10-L021995]           

Following Mike Osbornes highly successful re-release of OUTBACK we have the opportunity to release new material never previously available. Featuring an all star band the session was recorded originally in 1972, the music is equally as dynamic as OUTBACK but with the larger frontline that later became famous as the outstanding SOS group.

The Eddie Parker Group Transformations of the Lamp [FMRCD09-111994]           

Eddie Parker has gained a reputation as Britain's formost flautist. A player of exceptional talent talent as well as a great composer, this is the bands first eagerly awaited CD. Featuring yet another great British group of outstanding player. Always interesting, the compositions are fresh and vital yet controlled by an experience and maturity.


Evan Parker (saxophones), Philipp Wachsmann (electronics), Hugh Davies (invented instruments), Eddie Prevost (percussion) This fantastic collection of musicians performed as part of the ‘New Music Days’ series of events at the 2nd Southend International Jazz Festival at 8pm on the 8th day of the 8th month in 2003, hence the title ‘888. Although on the night, the musicians played in solo, duo as well as quartet situations, this CD represents what was considered some of the best music and contains all the solos and the final ensemble piece. None of these musicians need any further mention as they are without question, some of the most inspirational artists working in improvisation throughout the world today.

Dick Pearce Big Hit [FMRCD17-V0895]           

This is Dick’s debut album as a leader, which marked his departure from the ranks of Ronnie Scott’s Quintet. After a decade of touring and playing at Ronnie’s club he decided to follow his heart and pursue his own ideas. He says "over those years I wrote music, some for Ronnies band and some for a band I heard in my head. The band in my head now exists with John Donaldson, Mike Bradly and Val Mannix". The music on this album consists largely of original material composed by Dick, plus a couple of standards that have been given a unique and fresh treatment by the group.

Frank Perry Temple of the Ancient Magical Presence [FMRCD78]           

Although not seen often on the concert platform Frank Perry has been busy for 30 years building an enviable reputation for producing a totally original musical output based on his spiritual beliefs utilising his awesome all metallic percussion setup using gongs, temple bowls and a host of ancient percussion instruments, some over 600 years old! Here he presents some new and some old unreleased recordings of solos, duos and trios featuring world famous musicians such as Evan Parker, David Toop, Paul Lytton, Paul Lovens, Jin Hi Kim and Trevor Taylor.

Ad Peynenberg / Steve Hubback And other stuff [FMRCD75]           

Eccentric dutch saxophonist meets crazy British percussionist!! Perhaps an unlikely combination on the face of it, but this pairing produces dynamite improvised music of rare quality. ‘And Other Stuff’ introduces a major saxophone find to couple Steve’s recent series of duo CDs, the last being he stunning release with Norwegian saxophonist Frode Gjerstad.


Gary Smith (stereo guitar), Joe Gallivan (moog synthesizer, electronic percussion), Pat Thomas (keyboard & electronics) Powerfield is made up of three highly individual performers and stalwarts of the electro-acoustic scene. Gary Smith has, over the last few years, led his own field of stereo processed guitar techniques, demonstrated on his previous FMR release ‘Forgotten Room with Chairs’ (FMRCD52-V0798). Pat Thomas has supplied his breathtaking electronics to much of the best electro-acoustic & improv releases over the course of his career. Along with the highly reputed talents of Joe Gallivan, here with his electronic percussion and moog, this is sterling stuff for all fans of the genre.

QUINTESSENCE DISC ONE  [FMRCD128-C0803]           

Susanna Hodder-Williams (flute), Rebecca Wood (oboe), Victoria Loram (clarinet), Alison Bryce (horn), Jo Turner (bassoon) Quintessence was formed in 1995 for the first ever wind chamber music course at the Britten-Pears School for Advanced Musical Studies. Since then, the group has performed at many UK festivals including the Aldeburgh Festival and given broadcasts on BBC Radio 3. This CD includes the quintet's first commission from Tansy Davies, the exquisite ‘Pinnacles, Three Movements for Wind Quartet’ (1998). Since then, Quintessence has been active in commissioning mainly young British composers to write new works


This duo recording features two of the most original percussionists on the planet, the explosive drummer/percussionist/sculptor/smith Steve Hubback, a Welshman living in Iceland, and one of Swedens leading drummer/percussionists Erik Qvik. For this recording Steve uses his usual set up of sound sculptures made entirely by himself while Erik employs a more traditional acoustic drum kit with added sound sculpture and effects. Their styles are surprisingly different, but they quickly establish a healthy empathy and the wide range of stimulating percussion improvisations proves without doubt their status in the world of creative music.


Recreator is a new trio featuring the talents of reknowned British saxophonist Theo Travis, FMR regular percussionist and ex-pat Steve Hubback and keyboardist extraordinaire Nick Le Beat. Indefinable in categorisation, the title 'Solar Sahara' gives a clue to the music that encompasses so many musical soundworlds, jazz, electronic, improvised, contemporary classical, they're all thrown into the mix and the results are a stimulating and engaging music of energy and spirituality.

Respectable Groove Tell Tale Ducks [FMRCD29UG0197]           

David Gordon has been making heads turn for a while now as a harpsichordist of great invention. It is testament to him and recorder player Evelyn Allen to have created this excellent quartet which also includes Richard Jefferies on double bass and percussionist Ichiro Tatsuhara (one of a few japanese bodhran players). There sound brings in classical, irish traditional, samba and minimalist jazz and the end result is something not to be missed.

Howard Riley Flight [FMRCD27-L0895]           

Originally released on the Turtle label, FLIGHT must be considered one of Howard Riley’s most important documents. Recorded in 1971, the music represents a transitional period in Howard’s trio sound, this session also includes the input of Oxley’s electronic frame and amplification and Guy’s amplifier and foot pedal. Howard wrote " the course of one improvisation we can use instrumental sounds traditionally association with music, or sounds associated with electronic music, or we can combine the two elements simultaneously. It adds up to a broader range of feelings and ideas..".

Howard Riley/Mario Castronari/Tony Marsh Wishing On The Moon [FMRCD14-V0595]           

For over 30 years Howard Riley has been at the front of improvised piano music and this great CD shows why! Featuring his highly creative trio which includes the subtle Tony Marsh on drums and Mario Castronari on bass, this record is a tour de force of trio improvisations, and is an interesting contrast to Riley’s previous duo release with Keith Tippett.

Howard Riley/Keith Tippett The Bern Concert [FMRCD08-V71994]           

Featuring two of the undoubted leaders of European free music, Howard Riley and Keith Tippett have groomed a long running partnership from the '60's to produce a stunning recording of great clarity and sensitivity. Recorded in Bern by Swiss Radio the recording quality is the highest possible and perfectly focuses the inspired playing of the two on two wonderful Steinway grand pianos.


Badal Roy (tablas/percussion), Geoff Warren (flutes/sop sax), Stomu Takeishi (bass guitar) Wonderful recording of British born/Italy based flautist Geoff Warren and Indian percussion maestro Badal Roy. Another beautiful, fine, and much welcome addition to the growing Indo/jazz ouvre. Featuring new compositions and accompanied by the electric bass of Stomu Takeishi.


Second Nature's Peripheral Vision is the debut album from one of the UK's most exciting groups in recent years. The success of this album lies largely in the beautiful writing, and arranging, plus powerful solos from pretty much everybody in the group,(especially mufti-instrumentalist Lori). Led by guitarist Jez Franks, whose compositions offer wonderfully strong melodic lines, this group excels with a controlled but intelligent energy, sophisticated but not lacking in spirit. A new group with a massive future!!

Gary Smith Forgotten Room with Chairs [FMRCD52-V0798]           

I spotted a series of photographs by Dylan Collard in the Royal Photographic Gallery in Bath and was immediately mesmerised by the five sepia toned prints entitled ‘Forgotten Room with Chairs’, Having made contact with Dylan and agreed to find a musical partner for this project, I immediately felt that the spontaneity and honesty of improvised music would be ideal, and something solo. The answer came a couple of months later on listening to some of Gary’s new tapes. After talking, we all agreed to a combined project unifying the music and photography.

Roger Smith/Adam Bohman LIVE  [FMRCD180-i0905]           

Roger Smith (guitar), Adam Bohman (found objects) Recorded live at The Dixon Theatre, Westcliff-on-Sea this exhillarating music features the unlikely combination of Roger Smith?s acoustic guitar and Adam Bohman?s found objects and although this is their first CD release as a duo they have played together extensively. Needless to say, Smiths totally original and exhaustive exploration of the sound possibilities of the acoustic guitar are equally combated by Adam Bohmans vast array of fascinating household and industrial instruments. Together they traverse the well worn boundaries of noise and music, searching for pertinent music landscapes, no matter how abstract. A wonderful combination!

Soundscape Sibop  [FMRCD61-0499]           

Although Tim Richards has recorded a number of CD's featuring the fabulous 'Spirit Level' (including an early release on FMR) This is an all new Soundscape release and 'Shibop' sees Tim sharing the writing honours with virtuoso Austrian saxophonist Sigi Finkel, an old friendship made when on one of the many Spirit Level European tours.The inclusion of the dynamic saxophonist has changed the shape of this group totally, now far more a fusion sound than 'Spirit Level', although the group includes many of the Spirit Level past and excellent musicians such as Marc Parnell on drums and Phil Scragg on bass. Fast, punchy and full of energy ,this new CD combines the enthusiasm and dynamism of fusion with the subtly and interplay of the greatest jazz!!

Martin Speake and Nikki Iles The Tan T’ien [FMRCD51-V0998]           

After meeting at the Glamorgan Jazz Summer School where they were both teaching in 1962, The saxophonist and pianist found time to practice and play some tunes together; "We talked about music and found we had common influences - Evans, Konitz, Motian, Haden, Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Paul Bley, Ravel, Debussy, Vaughan Williams... I thought it would be a good idea to record some freely improvised duets and new tunes."The result is this excellent set of duets, unique and playful.


One of Britain's leading saxophonists Martin Speake brings together this extra special quartet for an extremely rare performance of highly skilled improvised music. Although a saxophone quartet is a familiar grouping in the classical world its presence in jazz is a rare beast, and here each member of the group, using the full selection of horns, stamps their mark on proceedings. Considering the difficulties in combining such similar instrumentation and the fact that this is the first time Martin Speake has taken on such a project, he and his hand picked group of highly gifted saxophonists have surpassed themselves with a recording of sublime integrity and sonic wonder!


Fredy Studer (drums, cymbals, gongs, metal, multiple percussion), Hamid Drake (drums, cymbals, metal, frame drum, tabla, multiple percussion), Michael Zerang (drums, cymbals, gongs, metal, darabuka, zither, tambourine, whistles, bells, multiple percussion).This recording in Chicago while Fredy Studer had a residency took place over the course of one day and night, and covers an enormous breadth of stylistic terrain, from heavy textural improvising to deep and inventive grooves. In some places, the three musicians contribute in extremely different and readily audible ways, while elsewhere their personalities merge into a startling group sound. From Zerang's amazing friction-percussion on snare drum, through Studer's other-worldly evocations on a giant gong, played with a mallet that's outfitted with a superball on its end, to Drake's infectious reggae rhythm on drum-kit (and this is just on track one!!) John Corbett


Fredy Studer (percussion) Pierre Favre (percussion) In the world of percussion two Swiss percussion names stand out. Fredy Studer and Pierre Favre have long careers as drummer and percussionists as well as both working with the Paiste company to produce an incredibly creative range of cymbals, gongs and percussion instruments. Strangely, although friends for over 30 years this is their first recorded duo, but it was worth the wait!! Beautifully recorded in Switzerland this CD will become a classic to all serious drummers and percussionist who will be amazed by their subtlety and creativity as well as spellbinding technique!

John Surman Westering Home [FMRCD16-L795]           

John Surman has finally become recognised as an international jazz superstar. Many of his earlier releases however have not been available on CD. We are proud to release the Peter Eden produced ‘Westering Home (originally released on the Turtle imprint)’. From a period when he began experimenting with multitracking and electronics this was his first solo record to be released (a format that John has continued to pursue through his association with ECM). This is a fine example of an artist who has grown into a major voice in contemporary music.


Formed in the late 1980's by flautist, composer and arranger Rowland Sutherland (during his period with Jazz Warriors, founded by the prominent saxophonist Courtney Pine) Mistura is a culmination of Rowland's experiences in Brazilian, Latin and African jazz, funk and dance music. The added inspirations of a thriving jazz dance club scene in London and across the UK led to Rowland's strong desire to fuse all these sounds into a live band which became known as Mistura. 'Latin Jazz Brazilliance'

John Taylor Pause, And Think Again [FMRCD24-L1295]           

With the success of projects like Azimuth and recent recordings on ECM with the likes of Peter Erskine and Jan Garbarek it’s not hard to justify the statement that John Taylor is one of the worlds finest musicians. ‘Pause...’ was his first ever LP as leader and originally appeared on the Turtle label in 1971 produced by John Surman. It captures an artist at the outset of his musical explorations and certainly stands the test of time. With an all star British line up the Cd confirms what a talent he was even then, as the recording has become a favourite of many modern jazz aficionados and a must for all collectors.

Trevor Taylor New Music For Percussion & Electronics [FMRCD85]           

This new CD offers a fascinating tour of Taylors current musical directions including electronics and sound sculpture as well as pure percussion. The CD contains composed works by masters such as John Cage, Toru Takemitsu as well as Taylor himself. Works for sound sculpture by artists Francois Baschet, Steve Hubback and Derek Sheil, plus ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Cosmo’, two unreleased solo percussion pieces from the seventies.

Keith Tippett Linuckea [FMRCD70]           

The long-awaited ‘piano quintet’ by Keith Tippett is finally available on CD, for all those who missed its original performance with the Kreutzer String Quartet and those who want to hear it again. Recorded with some of the original quartet ‘Linükea’ is a fantastic inclusion to any collection.


Debut CD from young Scottish saxophonist/ songwriter who is making such a stir at the moment having won many recent competitions such as the Montreux Saxophone competition and the Peter Wittingston awards. A stunningly warm and clean sounds, his music and compositions are dynamic as well as beautiful.

Tsunami Tsunami [FMRCD82]           

One rainy day in Glasgow ace British saxophonist Lol Coxhill flew to Scotland for a small tour with the George Burt/Raymond MacDonald Quartet. Although plagued by the weather this CD (originally titled Glasgow After The Rain) was produced in a studio after the tour and gives an insight into some extremely powerful and emotionally stimulating music, part of which was influenced by psycho-analytical reference cards used as scores! A great introduction to both Lol Coxhill and some highly creative Scottish musicians.

ULTRALYD ULTRALYD  [FMRCD154-I0704]           

Kjetil Brandsdal (electric bass), Frode Gjerstad (altosax, clarinet), Anders Hana (electric guitar), Morten Olsen (drums) This Norwegian quartet was brought together by enigmatic saxophone legend Frode Gjerstad. Formed solely with young musicians in mind, this is powerful rock inspired free music of the highest order. Gjerstad should be highly commended for the way he has seemingly guided these fine, talented new musicians into their current direction. These improvisations never get bogged down in the rock tradition and they balance the freshness of the best free music with the well worn jam sensiblity perfectly, creating a surprisingly breezy and hugely enjoyable CD recording.


Following on from Vanishing Pictures' self titled debut group CD, Dirk Wachtelaer's improvised electronic infected percussion ensemble returns with 'Lit As From Within. Featuring an extended line up to the previous release, with Paul Lytton, DJ Grasshoppa, Stevie Wishart. Plot Verbist, Jim Donley, Stave Hubback, Michael Weilacher and Gerrit Vaickenaers, all sampled and reworked in Dirk's own original. mesmerising way.


Third outing for percussionist Dirk Wachtelaer’s superb Vanishing Pictures project. This time he has selected an even wider range of musicians from all over the world. Traditional Chinese music merging with free improvisation, North African vocals meeting laptop electronics. It’s music that can only be made today — impossible without the past — indicating a possible future. Also features a magnificent live track “And The Sun”, recorded in 2000 at the Beursschouwburg, Brussels, a classic electro-acoustic performance by a truly stellar line-up that includes Philipp Wachsmann and turntable and electronics guru Otomo Yoshihide and DJ Grazzhoppa. This is a collection of staggeringly executed music, taking in all the corners of world, electronic, and free improvised music to create a beautiful, complete whole. An album that not only crosses continents but bridges the divide between them.

Various Artists  Improvising Percussionist (FMR CD81) [FMRCD81]           

Includes Paul Lytton, John Stevens, Frank Perry, Eddie Prevost, Trevor Taylor. This new CD represents a snapshot of the UK improvised percussion scene back in the early seventies. Never released before and recorded to a very high quality at Pye Studios in London the CD includes the only ever recorded documentary of the solo recording by the legendary John Stevens, along with some fascinating solo playing by players who have now become a by-word for percussion and improvisation in the UK. On listening time after time to these tapes I know I have done the right thing releasing them, they sound terrific and defy their nearly 30 year enforced hibernation, and now nothing can give me the same buzz to see them finally see the light of day!! (Trevor Taylor)

Various Artists New British Music Vol.1 [FMRCD34-A1262]           

The debut release on FMR AVANT features twelve compositions by major composers from the Essex area, those represented include Lutyens, Maconchy, Parsons and Bullard. With pieces written between 1971 and 1962 but the accent falls very much on recent compositions. It showcases the magnificent musical abilities of the Mercia Ensemble, a group of young but very experienced musicians led by violinist Lesley Larkum. Their dedication to performing contemporary music is responsible for their fast growing reputation on the scene. Also features the beautiful soprano voice of Lindsay Gowers.


The first of two planned CDs based around the new boom about 25 of the worlds leading and most dynamic percussionists. This first CD presents all solo material, much recorded specially for the CD and introduces 13 of the worlds most creative players including players such as Marilyn Mazur, Pierre Favre, Le Quan Ninh, Gregg Bendian 25 of the Worlds most innovative Percussionists!

VARIOUS ARTISTS UNDRAVERK: Festival of sound sculpture from Reykjavik  [FMRCD149-I0704]           

This CD is a live recording of the fantastically successful Undraverk Festival concert in Reykjavik organised by master percussionists Steve Hubback, Erik Qvick along with Sif G. The evening was broken up into four parts all recorded hear. The first was by British percussionist Trevor Taylor playing the Baschet Soundsculptures followed by a solo performance by Swedish percussionist Erik Qvick. This was followed by spellbinding performances by Metal Moves featuring Steve with Danish percussionists Tineke Noordkoek and Birgit Lokke playing Hubbacks spellbinding sound sculpture with the evening completed by a mesmerising solo performance by the enigma and trance specialist Z'ev.

Wachsmann/Curphy/Wastell/Jackson/Taylor Icarus [FMRCD15-V1298]           

Formed in early 1995, this quintet has quickly developed a freely improvised sound that is both lyrical and abstract. The three string players produce a complex web of sound - each musician alternating between Arco and pizzicato, applying extended instrument technique. The percussion acts as a mediator between each musical twist and turn - whether subtly underlying a vocal passage or pushing the ensemble to a spine tingling crescendo.

Wachtelaer/Lytton/Grazzhoppa/Valckenaers/Weilacher Vanishing Pictures [FMRCD76]           

‘Vanishing Pictures’ is not only the name of the CD, but the highly successful brainchild of leading Belgium drummer percussionist Dirk Wachtelaer. Here he has assembled an ensemble of brilliant musicians from around Europe into a working ensemble, and this is their first CD. With names like Paul Lytton, DJ Grazzhoppa, it could be nothing less than highly stimulating music.


Although originally from Australia, Anita Wardell has risen to the ranks of Britians Jazz star singers at an alarming rate, due to her wonderful voice, equisite musical taste, and outstanding musicianship.In this her first CD (Accompoianed by the brilliant Lian Noble) we have a wonderful collecion of contrast from great standards to brilliant originals, some written by her showing mature writing skills! A brilliant talentof which Norma Winstone said I remember being astounded by her improvising! this CD has been worth the wait, she sings without affection,and with clarity of voice that I love!


Anita Wardell (voice), Benn Clatworthy (saxophone, flute), Robin Aspland (piano), Paul Morgan (double bass), Martin Drew (drums) A welcome return from easily one of the best female voices in the business and this fine saxophonist. “What an enjoyable album this is. The pairing of Anita Wardell’s voice and Benn Clatworthy’s flute and saxophones is not only new but exceptionally pleasing. And like all good ideas, it sounded right the first time it was mentioned - which was not long ago, on a London night when Anita sat in at one of Benn’s gigs. And a couple of months later it sounded just as right in the studio, where these 10 well-chosen standards were recorded, mostly in first takes.” —Jack Massarik


Ibadet Ramadani (Voice/live electronics), Jorge Isaac (Blockflutes/live electronics), Charly Zastrau (Keyboards/live electronics), Jos Zwaanenburg (Flutes/live electronics), Tom Myrmel (Sound diffusion/tech support/anything else) Using a combination of strong software and traditional instruments to create a surprising world of electro-acoustic sound, songs and improvisation, the music of The Longest Mauvais Quart d'Heure, originally a music theatre piece uses E.M. Forster, B monster-movies, Beckett's shorter plays and blatantly old-fashioned science-fiction novels to supply the models for the sound, structure and imagery in this stunning performance. Within this wonderful work WATT? uses a live sampling program and a video-to-MIDI program developed by STEIM Amsterdam in which the vocalists movements are recorded by a digital video camera that triggers sounds stored in a computer. Although meant as a live performance piece it is presented here in a special CD version which preserves the feel of its original format to spellbinding effect.


First time outing on CD for this classic Amalgam recording originally released on Berlin's Vinyl Records in 1976 and part of a programme of reissues of all Amalgam material by FMR onto CD!. Trevor Watts heads a highly experienced line up which includes Steve Hayton on guitar, the bass guitar of Pete Cowling and the confident drumming of Liam Genockey and features six mostly Watts composed original quartet pieces. Titles are 'Jive', 'Tribute to Trane', 'Just East of Mars', 'Chips' and the title track 'Another Time'.


First time outing on CD for this classic Amlagam recording.


Following in the footsteps of the recently released Amalgam CD, Trevor Watts world famous Moire Music ensemble return with this classic 1988 recording originally released on the Arc imprint. For the first time on CD, this wonderful collection of musicians include the tenor of Simon Pickard, improv piano maestro Veryon Weston, Colin Gibson on bass, Richard Granville-Smith on piano accordian, Liam Genockey on drums, Watts'regular African percussionists Nana Tsiboe and Kofi Adu, plus the then unknown vocalist/pianist Liane Carroll. A gem!!


Trevor Watts (Alto and percussion), Dave Cole (guitar), Colin McKenzie (bass guitar), Pete Cowling (bass guitar), Liam Genockey (drums) Samanna features four original pieces recorded and originally released in 1977, featuring (at the time) the return of former Amalgam members Dave Cole and Pete Cowling. And it is this use of these two bassists that fires this excellent session, which came at a time of great debate around the jazz/rock fusion: ‘is it valid or not?’ critique, of which this album proves it is. The music on this album is a natural culmination of practising and rehearsing together week after week developing the music of which this CD transcends any one style of playing.

Trevor Watts Drum Orchestra BURUNDI MONDAY [FMRCD198-0206]           

Peter Knight (violin), Mmadi Kamara and Nana Tsiboe (African percussion), Ernest Mothle (bass), Liam Genockey (drum), Trevor Watts (saxophone) This CD represents in some ways a ‘first’, marking as this recording does a previously unreleased line-up, the Trevor Watts Drum Orchestra of the early 1980s. This was a crucial turning point in Trevor’s evolving career, following a succession of Amalgam line-ups in which this alto saxophonist, with an already deserved international reputation for contributions to the evolution of free jazz and improvised music outside the American diaspora, was evolving a complex, polyrhythmically-driven approach to spontaneously generating new ideas capable of sustaining ongoing developing structures.


Gordon Mark Webber (Vocals), Dominic Ashworth (Guitar) lain Hall (Bass guitar), Roy Chilton (Double bass), Rees Bridges (Drums), Derek Nash (Saxophones), Gunther Kuermayr (Piano), Chris Howes (Piano), Ben Cummings (Trumpet) First outing on FMRA)ftimate Groove for male vocalist Webber!


Terrific first solo cd is his own name from one of the most respected and versatile saxophonisits on the scene.

Tony Woods Project High Seas [FMRCD-1]           

Tony Woods’ debut as a band leader features some excellent compositions inspired by his love for the sea. Original, sometimes folk-tinged, these new set of compositions reflects a talent of great strength and creative intelligence. A CD of superlative compositions played exquisitely by a wonderfully talented group.


Scottish based collective The Working Party take their inspiration from John Cage’s theories on improvisation and combine music, performance, singing and Foley techniques to create a uniquely absorbing CD. The Working Party is a Glasgow based art company set up in December 2000, it brings people of different cultures together to make creative things happen, in particular, in Scotland and abroad. The concept for this album was how improvisation can be used in many other ways other than purely musical. All the tracks have been chosen to show contrast in these activities which make this CD highly original and thought provoking.

Laura Zakian Nobody Else But Me [UGCD07]           

An impressive debut album for this young singer from Italy. Now resident in London. The female vocal scene has become quite crowded of late, but she has the style and personality to make a mark. Zakian can make a melody swing without beating it into submission first, and sings with a smile on her face - a pleasant relief after some of the doom-laden tones one hears so often these days. Her accompanying quartet features that excellent pianist Steve Melling and trombonist Mark Bassey, a superb witty player and one to watch out for in the near future. Jazz CD of the week. —Dave Gelly, The Observer.

Philipp Zurcher and Tripod Back Home [FMRCD64-V0799]           

Being also a restorer of Guitars, Violins and stringed instruments has made the young Swiss virtuoso guitarist highly tuned to the quality of his sound as well as his musical direction, and this premiere recording clearly highlights his acute attention to detail in a varied set of fresh compostions, juxtapostioning solo acoustic and electronic pieces with the wonderfuly subtle trio 'Tripod', consisting of Hans Ermel on acoustic bass, and Lukas Bitterlin on drums.