for 4 ears

An independent label for new music in improvisation, self conducted music, soundscapes, sonic architecture. For mo9re informaion about the label, go to

HERMANN BÜHLER Earthbound – Composition for Voice, Percussion & Electronics (4 EARS CD 825)

Hermann Bühler (composition, electronics)/Bonnie Barnett (voice)/Fredy Studer (drums, perc) 

'Le mélange d'acoustique et d'électronique ajoute une sensation de respiration continue, d'une musique que l'on qualifierait d'organique." —T.Jarrier, Octopus

(Bar code: 7 619942 882525)

SIMULTAN QUARTET Speech (4 Ears CD 719)

Detlef Drees (piano)/Günter Heinz (trombone)/Klaus Koch (bass)/Andreas Nordheim (cornet)

"Some might call this cerebal music, and to a certain extent this would be true. But 'Speech' confronts us on many levels. language, sound, and structure are all rolled about in a multitude of ways during this rich and wonderfully imaginative session." —G.Buium, Cadence

(Bar code: 7 619942 871925)