Fylkingen is a society, consisting primarily of practicing artists, devoted to the production and promotion of new music and intermedia art. Since its foundation in 1933, initially as a chamber music society, Fylkingen has been committed to experimental, new and unestablished forms of contemporary arts.

The very first concerts of electroacoustic music in Sweden were arranged by Fylkingen in the early 1950's, and further radicalization occurred during the 1960's with the happenings, musical theatres and text-sound compositions prominent on the society's programme. Since then Fylkingen has regularly presented intermedia art and is the only forum in Sweden.

Fylkingen was instrumental in the foundation of EMS (The Swedish National Electronic Music Foundation), and the two organizations continue to work closely today; for the past eight years, the two organizations have been operating in the specially adapted premises of the onetime Munich Brewery (Münchenbryggeriet) in Stockholm.

Today Fylkingen produces approximately fifty performances a year consisting of composed and improvised instrumental and electroacoustic music, dance, intermedia, text-sound compositions, video art, performance art and installations. Fylkingen also puts on a number of productions for schools every year and arranges other activities for children and young people, often in collaboration with other organizations throughout the country.

Fylkingen has played and continues to play a vital role in interfacing Sweden with the rest of the world in the area of new music and intermedia art. Not only has it been a "window to the world" through which the Swedish audiences and artists were able to keep in touch with the artistic movements abroad, but also an important propagator of Swedish art outside Sweden.

Fylkingen Records has long been an integral part of Fylkingen. Hitherto, Fylkingen records has produced 30 LP's, 6 EP's, 21 CD's and 1 CD-ROM with the emphasis on electroacoustic music/text-sound composition and contemporary chamber music.

Various [see below] 5 composers - Electroacoustic music from Sweden 1987-91 (FYCD 1002)

The first CD of the "5 Composers" series. Peter Lundén explores genetic models to build musical structures. Hedman and Karlsson use the human voice and different languages to build "Threads and Cords," a piece which awarded first price at the 1992 International Rostrum of Electro-Acoustic Music. Pignon maps improvisation on saxophone and guitar to completly different subspaces in the raw and expressfull "Z" and Bjelkeborn meets the blue prophet in his piece "El-Azraq." 1993.

Peter Lundén "Living Structures"
Jens Hedman/Erik Mikael Karlsson "Threads and Cords"
Paul Pignon "Z"
Thomas Bjelkeborn "El-Azraq"