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The predecessor of (and impetus to) Impetus Distribution and run by Kenneth Ansell and Paul Acott-Stephens, the first release was the ambitious 4-LP box set of Amalgam recorded live on tour in November 1979. Since then the catalogue has risen to over 30 items including John Stevens, Frode Gjerstad, Hugh Hopper, Ken Hyder, Bardo State Orchestra, Evan Parker and many others.

Amalgam Wipe out (Impetus IMP LP 47901) 4-LP Set

Trevor Watts, alto and soprano saxophones; Keith Rowe, guitars; Liam Genockey, drums; Colin McKenzie, bass (tracks 1-3, 7-9); George Lyle, bass (track 12). Recorded on tour in November 1979.

Wipe out, Roller coaster pt. 1, Roller coaster pts. 2 & 3, Ongoing situation pt. 1, Ongoing situation pt. 2, Children, Tribute to Mingus pts. 1 & 2, Tribute to Mingus pt. 3, The golden salamander, War dance, Monk's house, Homecoming.

Bardo State Orchestra The Ultimate Gift (IMP CD 19425)

Jim Dvorak, trumpet, pocket trumpet, whistles, voice, percussion; Marcio Mattos, bass, cello, percussion; Ken Hyder, drums, percussion, khoomei & kargirah vocals. Recorded at The Premises, 26 October and 3 November 1994.

No harm done, Big heart, The ultimate gift, On the mend, Inside out, The gathering, Practice makes perfect.

Bardo State Orchestra & Tibetan Buddhist Monks Wheels Within Wheels (IMP CD 19527)

Jim Dvorak, trumpet, pocket trumpet, whistles, voice, percussion; Marcio Mattos, bass, cello, electronics, percussion; Ken Hyder, drums, percussion, khoomei & kargiraa vocals; with Tibetan Buddhist Monks of the Schechen Tennyid Dhargyeling Monastery, Nepal: Pema, Thinley, Phurba, Tsewang playing: thung-chen (long, deep-toned instrument similar to alpine horn), jya-ling (double- reeded shenai), kangling (thigh bone trumpet), dun-kar (conch shell trumpet), rollmo (small cymbals), sinyin (large cymbals), na (large double-headed bass drum), chanting. Recorded at The Premises, 28 May 1995.

Who's watching the watcher, Light shower, Horn of plenty, Minder's kindly eye, An essence of it's own,  Mountain journey, Inner voice 121, Good beat,  Skeleton dance, Who's watching the watcher II.

Bodkyi Chö Yang Sacred Music of Tibet (IMP CD 19530)

Whilst this recording incorporates examples of the sacred chants, it is unusual in that it features a group of monks who are instrumental virtuosi and concentrates primarily on the music and instrumental interludes from the monastic practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

Anthony Braxton Solo (London) 1988 (IMP LP 18818) LP

Conglomerate The Bible Says (IMP CD 18921)

Tim Crowther, guitar; Ted Emmett, trumpet; Steve Franklin, keyboards; Nick Stevens, bass; Steve Clarke, drums.

Lindsay Cooper A View from the Bridge (IMP CD 29831) 2-CD Set

Lindsay Cooper's composed works played by various combinations of musicians and groups:

Concerto for sopranino saxophone & strings. (Lindsay Cooper, sopranino saxophone with Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna. Recorded at Bologna Opera House, 29 May 1992.) Ophelia. (Sally Potter, voice; Lindsay Cooper, synthesizer. Recorded at Milo Studio & Wolf Studios.) Songs for bassoon & orchestra. (Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, with Bay Area Women's Philharmonic. Recorded at the First Congregational Church, San Francisco, 11 November 1993.) Nightmare. (Phil Minton, voice; Dean Brodrick, piano; Thomas Bloch, ondes martenot; Gerard Siracusa, marimba, percussion; Brian Abrahams, drums; Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, synthesizer, voice. Recorded at Premises Studio, London, c. 1994.) German stories. (Alfred 23 Harth, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone; Lindsay Cooper, sopranino saxophone; Annemarie Roelofs, violin, trombone; Elvira Plenar, piano, synthesizer. Recorded at Trio Studio, Frankfurt, March 1987.) Singing waters. (Gemini: bass clarinet, percussion, piano, trumpet. Recorded at the ICA, London, January 1994.) The rain song. (Maggie Nicols, voice; Ian Mitchell, bass clarinet; recorded at Wolf Studio, London, 17 January 1998.) Fragments from God's country. (Lindsay Cooper, recorded at home and Milo Studio, February/March 1995.) An angel on the bridge. (Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, sopranino saxophone, keyboard; Michael Askill, percussion; Louise Johnson, harp; Cathy Marsh, voice. Recorded at Megaphon Studios, June 1990.)

Lol Coxhill Frogdance (IMP LP 28407) 2LPs

Featuring Recedents, Johnny Rondo Trio, Stephen Miller, Veryan Weston, New Arts Consort a.o.

Elton Dean Quintet Welcomet (IMP LP 18612 or IMP MC 18612) LP or MC

Elton Dean, saxello, alto saxophone; Harry Beckett, trumpet, flugelhorn; Liam Genockey, drums; Marcio Mattos, bass; Paul Rutherford, trombone. Recorded live by Radio Cultura de Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 1986.

Welcomet, Rio rules, Obrigado.

Detail Backwards and forwards/Forwards and backwards (IMP CD 18203) (also available: IMP LP 18203)

Johnny Mbizo Dyani, bass; Frode Gjerstad, tenor and soprano saxophones; John Stevens, drums. Tracks 1 and 2 previously released on LP and recorded at Staccato Studios, Stavanger, Norway on 11 October 1982; track 3 previously unreleased, recorded in 1985.

Backwards and forwards, Forwards and backwards, Detail 1985.

Detail Plus Ness (IMP LP 28509) 2 LPs

Johnny Dyani, bass, stones; Frode Gjerstad, tenor saxophone; John Stevens, drums; Bobby Bradford, cornet (Sides 3/4); Harry Beckett, trumpet (Sides 3/4); Courtney Pine, tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet (Sides 3/4). Sides 1/2 were recorded at the Hennie-Onstad Art Centre, Oslo on 2 March 1986; sides 3/4 were recorded at the Mannod Studio/Community Music, London on 1 July 1986.

Ness part one, Ness part two, 'ED', Post rambling, Preambling, Harmo'nica.

Detail Plus Way it goes/Dance of the soul (IMP LP 18611) LP

Bobby Bradford, cornet; Johnny Dyani, bass; Frode Gjerstad, tenor saxophone; John Stevens, drums. Recorded at Kite Studios, Cambridge on 2 July 1986.

Way it goes/Dance of the soul pt. 1, Way it goes/Dance of the soul pt. 2.

Tim Hodgkinson & Ken Hyder Shams (IMP LP 18616) LP

Hugh Hopper & Mark Hewins Adreamor (IMP CD 19423)

Hugh Hopper, bass, electronics, etc.; Mark Hewins, guitasr, etc.

Ken Hyder In the Stone (IMP CD 19732)

Ken Hyder, drums; Dave Brooks, bagpipes (tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9); Maggie Nicols, voice (tracks 2, 4, 6, 8); Talisker (track 10): KH, drums; Maggie Nicols, voice; Pete McPhail, low whistle; Don Paterson, guitar; Marcio Mattos, bass). Tracks with Dave Brooks recorded at Barefoot Studio, London; tracks with Maggie Nichols recorded at Oor Wullie Studio, London. No recording date is given but, according to Ken Hyder, both duos were recorded 'two or three years ago', i.e. 1997/1998. The Talisker track is 'maybe sometime in the mid/early 1980s'.

Rose among the heather, My love is like a red red rose,  Gallus Grannie goes her mile, To the erudite, Drum salute & lament for John Stevens, Pibroch for John Stevens, The geese among the bog, The jute mill song, The eviction, Smile in your sleep.

Ken Hyder & Dick Gaughan Fanfare for Tomorrow (IMP LP 18506 or IMP MC 18506) LP or MC

John Law & Louis Moholo The Boat is Sinking ... Apartheid is Sinking (IMP CD 19322)

John Law, piano; Louis Moholo, drums and percusssion.

Phil Miller Cutting Both Ways (IMP LP 18615) LP

With Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, Pete Lerner, Pip Pyle, Dave Stewart, and Barbara Gaskin.

New Indus Newer Devotions (IMP CD 19329)

Mark Hewins, guitar, MIDI devices, environment; Paul Bhattacharjee, voice, drum, MIDI devices.

Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton Atlanta (IMP CD 18617) (also available: IMP LP 18617 and IMP MC 18617)

Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones; Barry Guy, double bass; Paul Lytton, drums, and percussion. Recorded in concert, Altanta, GA, USA, 12 December 1986.

Atlanta, Two in one, The snake as road sign [for Elias Canetti], Geometry.

Andrew Poppy Ophelia/Ophelia (IMP CD 19426)

An opera for one voice, featuring Margaret Cameron, mezzosoprano; Roger Heaton, clarinet and bass clarinet; and Andrew Poppy, keyboards, percussion and samples.

Quiet Violence Requiiem (IMP LP 18405) LP

John Russell, Gillian McGregor, Junya Kawasaki.

Research The Perpetual City (IMP CD 19233)

Ron Caines, saxes; Mark Hewins, digital guitar; Simon Murrell, electric bass; Geoff Serle, drums, samples, tapes, piano.

Gary Smith Rhythm Guitar (IMP CD 18920)

Twenty-two solo guitar improvisations—with no edits or overdubs.

Soft Heap A Veritable Centaur (IMP CD 18219)

Elton Dean, saxello, alto flute, flute; Mark Hewins, voice, guitar; John Greaves, bass, voicde, organ; Pip Pyle, drums, electric drums; Alain Eckert, synthesizer guitar.

John Stevens/Frode Gjerstad Sunshine (IMP CD 18428)

John Stevens, drums, cornet; Frode Gjerstad, tenor, soprano saxophones. Recorded on 6 March 1984 at Stavanger.

Sunshine part 1, Sunshine part 2, Sunshine part 3.

Talisker Humanity (IMP LP 18508) LP

Sylvia Hallett, Olly Blanchflower, Don Paterson, Davie Webster, and Ken Hyder.

Mike Westbrook Piano (IMP CD 17624) (also available IMP MC 17624)

Solo piano pieces based around well-known English poems.

Mike Westbrook Orchestra Bright as Fire — The Westbrook Blake (IMP CD 18013) (also: IMP LP 18013 and IMP MC 18013)

Settings of William Blake by Mike Westbrook. Phil Minton, vocal, trumpet; Kate Westbrook, tenor horn, piccolo, vocal; Mike Davies, trumpets; Dave Hancock, trumpet; Henry Lowther, trumpet; Malcolm Griffiths, trombone; Alan Sinclair, tuba; Nick Patrick, tuba; Alan Wakeman, saxes, flute; Chris Biscoe, saxdes, alto clarinet; Dave Barry, drums, percussion; Georgie Born, cello; Chris Lawrence, bass; Mike Westbrook, piano, voice.

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