"CD_Slopper is the file 'working-name' for the Computer Music unit of Oswald Berthold and Florian Hecker. Hecker and Ost first met in 1995/96 at the MEGO office in Vienna. Both familiar with Computers and DSP processes of both academic and autodidactic influences, they grabbed their first mobile computer when Apple released the first PowerPC laptop ever, the PowerBook 5300! On the first Mego tour [1997] it was their only weapon, maybe some CD's and 12" included, they... Finding spare time between their tour schedules, they either met in each other's studio, working on different computer platforms as SGI/UNIX, LINUX and Mac OS to produce this release. SaskieWoxi is cd_slopper's first multi-media release. This CD+ contains 44 audio tracks plus static as well as dynamic HTML/text/pics/Java executables. The results as you will experience are different & superior to the infantile and wagon-jumping-rhizomesque-abstract-modulated-glitc hy-parody-shitty-plug-in music. Just have a listen. SaskieWoxi is Computer Rave Music. Full of energy, fine rhythms that fit in everyone's DJ set, high quality midrange sound that you can hear on your Walkman, MP3 player or in-car HIFI anytime. A work that reflects the world and the way we experience it."


First release on the Touch-affiliated label OR. First appeared on double vinyl as Mego 003 (Vienna, 1995). Digitally remastered, this unadulterated epic of minimal techno was recorded by Elin, who also functions as Auto Repeat on SSR/Crammed."


New pressing of the third Farmers Manual CD. "Following their highly acclaimed 2nd CD, fsck on Tray, Farmers Manual got to work with their bare hands and produced Explorers_We on OR. One constantly changing track with 60 PQ start points, making full use of your dusty shuffle button... Ost, one of the Farmers, called it 'a sinewave massacre'. "A soprano voice sings notes that never arrange themselves into a melody, that fall apart in the same way as dead proteins...." —Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow


"Full length CD in CD single case with no print of any kind (in accordance with the wishes of the artist), continuing his series of untitled works. Previous labels who have released his work include Asellus, Geometrik, Noteworks, Prefeed, Staalplaat, Table of the Elements, Trente Oiseaux, V-2, and Zwerg."

SHIRT TRAX Good News About Space (OR LIP9)

"Shirt Trax are Mark Fell (Sheffield, member of SND of Mille Plateaux) and Jeremy Potter (Brighton). All of their tracks involve the use of the computer as a performance tool. However they didn't wish to use some complex software or system, or spend ages programming structures to generate sound. So lots of what you hear is what can be done on a sampler in real time, or in a sequencer in real time. And although most of the material is edited down, there are no overdubs or pre-programmed structures. This is done in the interest of discovering in the ways technology is used. Like when a designer thinks of an interface, and is planning out a way for you to work. But who wants to do what some synth designer told them? When you watch a child play, suddenly a fork can be talking to a lego horse about something. And it's interesting when someone picks up something and plays around with it like this, because you don't just discover a new way of saying things, you actually invent new things to say. Not so much about the aesthetics of digital glitches or broken systems. And although aware of it, the band is not overly interested in the academic history of what it's doing. The result is a sound like The Human League meet Farmers Manual."

Various [see below] OR MD Comp. (OR JUST13)

"File under: computer music/contemporary composers/new media/noise/difficult. Over 73 minutes of superior, challenging and critical audio. 24 exclusive recordings. OR finally makes available what was recently unearthed from somewhere in the nasty void that was created by the 2k millennianism and the aftermath of 9/11. The OR MD COMP. includes contributions from a selection of artists who all have previously released materials on OR. Farmersmanual (DE) hot on the heels of their RLA DVD release on Mego [Mego 777] give us both extreme computer music and extracted highlights from a 'recent live action'. Francisco López (ES) locates us more 'absolute concrete music'. Shirttrax (UK) vaporise material from their previous OR release Good News About Space [OR, lip 9]. Gescom (UK) shed their Autechre guise and provide us with more digital walkman essentials. Incapacitants (JP) recover from their Unauthorised Fatal Operation 990130 [OR, CDR]. Hecker (DE) flosses our brains again. MAZK (JP/PO) offer probably the last joint recording between Masami Akita and Zbigniew Karkowski. A great companion to their SPL CD [OR, if 2]. Although originally intended as a MD release it now appears as a CD in 4 colour digipak, revealing the faces of the 'caught on film' anonymous sheffield psycho ravers who relentlessly attempted to convince farmersmanual to give them a 'bassline, bassline bassline...'."

Various [see below] Or: Some Computer Music -Issue 1 (OR ISSUE1)

"The first in a series of computer music releases—Issue 1: CD + 24pp booklet. Featuring exclusive recordings from Aphex Twin (UK), Beautyon (UK), cd_slopper [Hecker] (Germania/Austria), General Magic (Austria), Kevin Drumm (USA), Stephen Travis Pope (USA), Trevor Wishart (UK), Ubik [Joe Linschinger] (Austria), Zbigniew Karkowski & Kasper T. Toeplitz."

Various [see below] Or: Some Computer Music - Issue 2 (OR ISSUE2)

"The second issue of Or's computer music audio magazine, like Issue 1, is a CD + 24pp booklet. Featuring Alberto de Campo (Austria), farmersmanual (Austria), Jim O'Rourke (USA), Phoenecia (USA), Curtis Roads (USA), Atau Tanaka/Eric Wenger (Japan), Tom Wallace (UK). Or's computer music audio magazine aims to expose to the listener the current developments in the age-old field of computer music, from both the academic world through to some of the more underground desktop activists."