SLAM is a small independent CD label founded by GEORGE HASLAM in 1989. (For more information about the label, go to


 ARC Out of Amber (SLAMCD205)

ARC is Sylvia Hallett, Danny Kingshill, Gus Garside. Recorded in London, 1992/93.           

'Indispensable for its profound beauty' —Philippe Renaud Improjazz (France).

Roberto Bellatalla Quartet Borrowed Time (SLAMCD239)

Roberto Bellatalla Quartet with Claude Deppa, Jason Yarde and Brian Abrahams. Very strong African-flavoured jazz, recorded in London, 1998.

Alison Bentley Quartet (SLAMCD211)

Recorded in London, 1994.

'A really good musician who just happens to be a singer' —Lee Gibson, Musician.

Alison Bentley Quartet Songs of LEONARD BERNSTEIN and IRVING BERLIN (SLAMCD248)

Vocalist Bentley with Dave Frankel, piano; Dave Jones, bass; Paul Cavaciuti, drums; with guests Steve Waterman, trumpet and flugelhorn, and Martin Speake, alto saxophone. New ideas on music by the greatest composers played by some of Britain's foremost jazz musicians

Ntshuks Bonga Urban ritual (SLAMCD213)

Ntshuks Bonga's 'Tsisha' with Ken Hyder & Marcio Mattos.

Recorded in London, 1994.

The British Saxophone Quartet Early October (SLAMCD216)

The British Saxophone Quartet – Elton Dean, Paul Dunmall, George Haslam, Picard. Recorded in Oxford, 1995.

'the kind of 'living music' that comes from group improvisation at its best.' —Linton Chiswick, The Wire.

'One of the finest albums to come out of the UK this year' —Chris Blackford, The Wire.

Jaki Byard/Howard Riley Feathers with Jaki (SLAMCD215)

Recorded in London, 1984 & 1988.

'Thoroughly recommended' —Chris Parker, BBC Music Magazine

Charlie Collins & John Jasnoch DESIRE AND NEED (SLAMCD254)

Collins - alto saxophone, Bb clarinet, flute. Jasnoch - electric guitar, mandolin, ud.

The first release by one of Britain’s longest standing improvising duos. Collins’ and Jasnoch’s 20 year association has its origins in Sheffield’s late 70’s new wave scene. With it’s use of 70’s experiment and 60’s free improvisation, it set them on a path of exploration which led them to play Derek Bailey’s 1988 Company Week.

Jon Corbett/Steve Done Another fine mess (SLAMCD217)

Recorded in Ipswich, 1994.

'like a charge of static electricity which snaps and crackles with electric energy.’ —Chris Meloch, Scene.

Tim Crowther. Steve Franklin & Tony Marsh  AMHERST DISLODGED (SLAMCD263)

THE WIRE magazine Top CD 2005.

Tim Crowther guitar, guitar synth. Steve Franklin keyboards, Tony Marsh drums.

Crowther, Franklin and Marsh have been playing in trio since 1998, brought together by a shared passion for hard electric jazz-rock and free improvisation. Their intention is to create new electric improvised music that excites and engages the listener and that comes from somewhere other than the obviously recognizable and comforting.

D.A.T.A. Now Processing (SLAM CD 271)

D.A.T.A. is Dave Hayley (drums and percussion), Alan Eason (guitar), Tris Harris (piano, synth, alto and soprano sax, bass), Andy McFarlane (violin). D.A.T.A. consists four young South London musicians who first met in 2005. Through a mutual interest in pushing improvised jazz further, they formed a collective that gave them their own unique voice.  The band name D.A.T.A. derives from the first initial of each member. Starting with Dave Hayley, who has performed many different musical genres throughout his extensive music career, he specializes in drums and percussion. Next is Alan Eason, an extremely talented guitarist. Then there is Tris Harris, who has an extensive portfolio of performing, recording and experimenting with a wide selection of instruments, and is also very active in the jazz circuit as a professional pianist and musician. Lastly, Andy McFarlane, whose instrument is the violin, on which he extensively performs throughout the jazz and improvised circuit.

Elton Dean Newsense (SLAMCD229)

Elton Dean's nine-piece, featuring Roswell Rudd. Recorded in London, 1997.

'For the lovers of saxophone Elton Dean is the only possible choice' —Philippe Renaud, Improjazz.

Elton Dean The Vortex Tapes (SLAMCD203)

Recorded in London, 1990.

Elton Dean with Keith Tippett, Trevor Watts, Paul Rutherford, and others.

'An ideal starting point for anyone yet to make the acquaintance of this still undersung British altoist' —Chris Blackford, Rubberneck.

Elton Dean/Howard Riley Quartet All the tradition (SLAMCD201)

Recorded in London, 1990.

'All the nuts and bolts of a brilliant free performance' —The Guardian.

"The two leaders have great chemistry. It’s almost like Dean knew he had something going with this type of pianist. He knows his music, and I’m getting to know it better every day. It’s some of the best Great Britain has to offer." —Fred Barrett, beyondcoltrane.

Paul Dunmall Sextet and Babu Trio (SLAMCD207) 2CD Set

Recorded in Kidderminster, 1993.

'Powerful and passionate music' —Chris Parker, BBC Music Magazine.

Paul Dunmall/John Adams/Mark Sanders Totally Fried Up (SLAMCD235)

Dunmall, saxes; Adams, guitar; Sanders, drums. Recorded in Kingston, UK, 1998. The first CD by this unique improvising trio - 'Ghostly Thoughts' - received great critical acclaim in many countries and was voted a 'release of the year' by the New York magazine Cadence. On this second CD their improvisations encompass powerhouse blowing to the most subtle, gentle textures; Dunmall's distinctive, individual improvisation lying comfortably in the sensitive company of Adams and Sanders

Paul Dunmall Octet Desire and Liberation (SLAMCD225)

Paul Dunmall Octet, including Keith Tippett and Annie Whitehead. Recorded in Bristol, 1996.

'It is the overall cogency and vigour of Dunmall's writing that make this album so powerful.' —Chris Parker, The Times.

Four Bop Drop (SLAMCD224)

Rob Gale, trumpet/flugelhorn; Richard Powell, alto sax; Nick Hamlyn, el. Guitar; Tony Bowring fretless bass.Recorded in Northampton, England, 1997.

'There is a great sense of uninhibited enthusiasm and adventure about this recording' —Declan O' Driscoll

Mandy Fox and Hara First time ever (SLAMCD220)

Recorded in London, 1995/96.

'The entire band's strength matched with Fox's gorgeous vocal make this CD compelling listening.' —Jerome Wilson, Cadence

Full Monte Spark in the dark (SLAMCD209)

Full Monte is Chris Biscoe, alto and sop; Brian Godding, gtr synth; Marcio Mattos, bs; Tony Marsh, drms. Recorded in London, 1990/93 & 94.

'a quartet who have become one of the most exciting and creative practitioners of spontaneous music today.' —Steve Rowlands, A Kind of Love In.

Philip Gibbs/Paul Dunmall Master Musicians of Mu (SLAMCD241)

Gibbs, guitars; Dunmall, reeds. On the first date in November 1999 Gibbs played electric guitar and on the second, two months later, he used acoustic; Dunmall selected a variety of reed instruments - probably the last recording on which he did. Later that same year he decided to focus on tenor sax.

Steve Harris Quintet ZAUM (SLAMCD253)

STEVE HARRIS QUINTET, with Cathy Stevens viola, Geoff Hearn saxophones, Karen Wimhurst clarinet, Udo Dzierzanowski guitar and Steve Harris drums.

“Some of the music is brooding and darkly minimalist, with Morricone guitar twangs echoing over rumbling bass-drum patterns; some is squawky and impulsive, some vivid and conversational. This is virtuosic and varied improvisation.” — John Fordham, The Guardian

The Hyperbole Trio (SLAMCD226)

Clive York, Dave Fowler, Julia Doyle. Recorded in London, 1997.

'hardly household names but this album should win them plenty of fans' —Barry McRae, Jazz Journal.

The Invisible String Quartet Entomic (SLAMCD210)

The Invisible String Quartet with Dave Draper, guitar, prepared gtr, electronics, digital delays/samplers. Recorded in London, 1994.

'A compelling release' —Chris Blackford, Rubberneck.

Robert Jarvis Carving up Time (SLAMCD242)

Robert Jarvis trombone, with Frank van der Kooij saxophones, Henk de Laat, Alan Niblock double bass, Oscar Schultz and Jean-Victor de Boer drums. The first CD Jarvis has released under his own name; the music was written for an extended jazz quartet based on trombone, saxophone, double bass and drums. This line up is then extended by the use of electronic effects and manipulated sound recordings.

K-SPACE Bear Bones (SLAMCD247)

K-SPACE is Gendos Chamzyryn: vocals, percussion, amplified doshpulur, piano. Tim Hodgkinson: lap steel guitar, klarnet, electronics, processing, alto saxophone. Ken Hyder: drums, vocals, amplified ektara, sampling, electronics. A unique combination of two cutting-edge British musicians and a Siberian shaman - one of the most astounding performers of the music of Tuva, and master of the Kaargiraa throat-singing style.

JAN KOPINSKI  Earth : Music To Dovzhenko's Film “Zemlya” (SLAMCD255)


Aleksandr Dovzhenko’s classic silent film of life and death in a Ukrainian village amid the struggles of collectivisation is considered a poetic masterpiece of Soviet cinema. Its convenient ideology is overtaken by the epic landscapes and beautifully observed portrayals of family, community and human emotions. Jan Kopinski’s new CD captures the music of his specially commissioned live soundtrack to this remarkable film, intensifying the imagery with an intriguing mix of sadness and hope. At times, gently paced and lingering, the music is intense but always hopeful.


Cornucopia Ensemble:  Rita Manning, violin/leader; Emlyn Singleton, violin; Andy Parker, viola; Nick Cooper, cello; Bruce Nockles, trumpet; Melinda Maxwell, oboe; David Purser, trombone; John Orford, bassoon.

Featured soloists: Andy Sheppard, tenor and soprano saxophones; John Law, piano, director, composer; Chris Laurence, double bass; Paul Clarvis, drums, percussion. Recorded live in concert at CBSO Hall, Birmingham, 17 October 2004.

“A rich and completely distinctive contemporary music programme.” —John Fordham  The Guardian.

John Law Quartet Exploded on impact (SLAMCD204)

Recorded in London, 1992.

Dave Lazonby Group War all the time (SLAMCD214)

Recorded in Huddersfield, 1994.

'an oasis among the pointless professionalism of big-label jazz.' —Ben Watson, The Wire.

‘One of the strongest statements of the year so far' —Brian Morton BBC Radio 3.


Great debut recording by the London-based quintet Led Bib: Pete Grogan, Alto Sax; Chris Williams, Alto Sax; Toby McLaren, Keyboards; Liran Donin, Bass(Acoustic & Electric); led by Mark Holub, Drums.

Meltdown (SLAMCD243)

Debut recording by George Haslam's Meltdown - a total of 20 musicians on the five tracks, including Graham Collier, Robin Jones, and Steve Waterman. Compositions by Collier, Haslam, Waterman and Richard Leigh Harris. Recorded in Oxford, 2000 and 2001

"agreeably unkempt tone ... militates against the sense of composerly politesse. wins respect and enjoyment more readily than many a more polished performance." —John Truitt, JazzReview

Neil Metcalfe/John Rangecroft Twogether (SLAMCD237)

Metcalfe, flute, and Rangecroft, clarinet. A collection of 29 short and beautiful improvisations by two masters of the art revelling in each other's inventiveness. Recorded in London, 1999.

Vladimir Miller/Ken Hyder Counting on Angels (SLAMCD251)

Recorded in London, 2003, and dedicated to Russian friends and experiences.

Counting on Angels is a unique CD unleashing a new music form which straddles Russian classical music and contemporary improvised music. The album represents an accumulated experience derived from a decade of musical activity in Russia where drummer Ken Hyder and pianist Vladimir Miller played in main cities and out of the way towns from Leningrad to Vladivostok and from Arkhangelsk to Tuva. They have played with a plethora of Russian contemporary musicians including Valentina Ponomareva, Vladimir Tarasov, Sainkho Namtchylak - and the late Vladimir Rezitsky with whom they recorded as the trio, Northern Lights. Counting on Angels goes deeper into the Russian soul, strips down the music dramatically, presenting a sparseness and a clarity which is often reflected in the Russian landscape. At the same time you can hear echoes of Stravinsky, Moussorgsky and Shostakovich.           

Vladimir Miller and Steve Plews  What Haven't You Had (SLAMCD260)

Vladimir Miller and Steve Plews piano

Some of the music in this series of duets and solos is scored but much of it is improvised; the artists acknowledge influences of Bartok, Rachmaninov, Keith Tippett, Jaki Byard amongst others. The result is a fascinating collection of post-modern romanticism at once Lennox Berkeley and Bill Evans. The recordings, made in front of a live audience, capture the atmosphere of a memorable performance. With the percussive intricacy of Millers style warmly enveloped by the rhapsodic technique of pianist Steve Plews, the music varies from quiet introspection to a tour de force of compositional and improvisational virtuosity

Greg Morgan Spirit of light (SLAMCD221)

Morgan, C melody sax and synth; Chas Ambler, drums and percussion. Recorded in Lancaster, 1995.

'plaintively beautiful without, thankfully, sentimentality' —Bruce Coates, Rubberneck.

Matthew Morris/Dafydd Lewis/Frederico Ughi Unspecifications (SLAMCD233)

Morris, bari sax; Lewis, bs; Ughi, dms. Recorded in London, 1998

The Number The Making of Quiet Things (SLAM CD 269)

The Number is Gary Curson, alto sax; Keith Tippett, piano; John Edwards, bass; Mark Sanders, drums. The recording arose from a proposal to Gary Curson by producer Justin Paterson, of the London College of Music, who expressed a desire to work with improvising musicians. The album ‘The Making of Quiet Things’ by the Number is the realisation of the first phase of Justin’s concept, namely, the mix down of the ‘ambient recording’ of the actual real-time performances. The second phase, now in progress, is for Justin to fashion a companion ‘electronic’ album, by devising completely new compositions derived from samples from the same recorded material. Justin is currently designing new software specifically to enable this process. This opportunity for Gary to involve some of the finest improvising musicians with whom he has worked in the past, together with the excellent studio facilities, has given us the original and exciting music heard on this album.

“This is magnificent, incandescent, full on free Improv with a strong melodic element…” —Andy Hamilton, The Wire

ORGANON Klusterbuckstuckle (SLAMCD256)

ORGANON is Elton Dean saxes, Jim Dvorak trumpet, Tim Crowther guitar/guitar synth, John Edwards double bass and Jim Lebaigue drums. A set of 4 creative improvisations by a new quintet of true masters of the art. Recorded in London, September 2002.

Phil Parnell Dear Jo (SLAMCD227)

Parnell with Dave Green, Paul Clarvis, and Johnny Vidacovich. Parnell originals plus standards recorded in London, 1996.

'a satisfying collection of big swinging piano jazz' —Rob Adams, The Herald.

The Martin Pickett Group  I'll be with you again (SLAMCD259)

Tony Isaacs, Mike Wills reeds, Phil Berry bass. Frank Hockney drums, Martin Pickett piano with guest vocalist Alison Bentley.

Pinski Zoo AFTER IMAGE (SLAMCD266) 2CD Set

They're back! Pinski Zoo celebrate 25 years with long awaited CD - a double CD of live recordings over the years 2003 - 2005 with their new twin bass line-up: JAN KOPINSKI saxophones, STEVE ILIFFE keyboards, KARL BINGHAM bass, STEFAN KOPINSKI bass, STEVE HARRIS drums

Pinski Zoo De-Icer (SLAMCD206)

Pinski Zoo is Jan Kopinski, alto & ten saxes; Karl Bingham, el bs; Steve Iliffe, synthss; Steve Harris drms. Recorded in Wiesen (Austria), New York and Banbury, 1991/93.

'Shows how exciting a band like Pinski Zoo can be' —Paul Donnelly, Stride.

POCO CLARINET TRIO The Francis Documents I, II (SLAMCD245)

Live performances of improvised group play recorded in Cheltenham, 1999. The trio is Simon Spencer, Bb clarinet; Mindy Lee, alto clarinet; and Chris Cundy, bass clarinet and soprano sax.

John Rangecroft/Marcio Mattos/Stew Butterfield Blythe Hill (SLAMCD228)

Recorded in London, 1996.

'total communication and understanding between the musicians' —Jazz Live

George Ricci A Big Honk (SLAMCD202)

George Ricci & the Improverts with Lol Coxhill.

'I've had as much enjoyment out of this CD as I've had out of anything that's come my way in recent time' —Humphrey Lyttelton, BBC Radio 2

Howard Riley Air Play (SLAMCD244)

Howard Riley, solo piano.

".. one of the jazz world's most immediately recognisable and unfussily virtuosic pianists.. This album utilises all the musical vocabulary Riley has acquired over the past quarter-century  his trademark walking baselines under ringing, wonderfully cluttered right-hand improvisations; his delightful visits to "disguised" standards (here "Lover Man"); his tumbling runs interspersed with clanging percussiveness  to produce music of rare power and strange, pungent beauty. A genuine original at the peak of his powers." —Chris Parker, BBC Music Magazine.

Howard Riley Making Notes (SLAMCD230)

Recorded in London, 1997.

'the wholly original music justifies his reputation as one of Europe's most gifted improvisors' —Chris Parker, BBC Music Magazine.

Howard Riley SHORT STORIES (Volume Two) (SLAMCD270) 2-CD Set

 Howard Riley, solo piano.

Howard Riley’s collection of ‘Short Stories’ presents 30 short improvisations of between 2 and 6 minutes duration. The tracks are equally divided from recording sessions in 2004 and 2006. Riley has a history of short musical creations, apparently saying what he has to say and no more – but the collection as a whole develops a further dimension. Juxtaposing the two sessions also adds a slant on the pianist’s improvising thoughts over the two-year period.

 This CD was produced with the help and cooperation of Steve Plews, ASC Records. (bar code: 5 028386 02702 7)

Howard Riley/Lol Coxhill Duology (SLAMCD249)

Riley, piano; Coxhill, sop sax. Recorded live in Oxford.

"When Riley's dense clusters of notes are pitted against Coxhill's squawks and sustained falsettos, the result is an intriguing, spontaneous encounter." —John Fordham, The Guardian.

Howard Riley & Elton Dean One to One (SLAMCD234)

Riley & Dean have worked together in quartet and duo since 1984. 'One to One' is their first duo recording. It consists of live performances at the 1993 London Jazz Festival and the Holywell Music Room, Oxford, in 1999. The basis of the musical approach could be described as strength in diversity - whether the music is based on standard material (‘Darn that Dream’, ‘Crescent’, ‘Turn Out the Stars’) or totally improvised, the objective is spontaneity and interchange.

"This is a very enjoyable disc. Give it several listens" —Cadence

Howard Riley/Art Themen Quartet CLASSICS (live) (SLAMCD222)

Recorded jn Chislehurst, 1996.

'superb album' —Chris Parker, The Times.

Roswell Rudd with Elton Dean Quartet Rumours of an incident (SLAMCD223)

Recorded in London, 1996.

'exciting live recording' —Kenny Mathieson, Avant.

Esmond Selwyn Quartet Follow That (SLAMCD240)

Guitarist Selwyn leads Paul Sawtell, keyboards; Bill Coleman, bass; and Robin Jones, drums. The quartet's repertoire includes originals and standards. Selwyn's ballad style on 'Prelude to a Kiss' and 'Polka Dots and Moonbeams' is moving and Sawtell proves to be a great new talent. Recorded in Stourbridge, UK, 1999.

Shams Burghan Interference (SLAMCD238)

Ken Hyder, drums & more and Tim Hodgkinson, alto sax & more in the duo 'SHAMS'. Siberian influenced improvisation recorded live in the Aula Magna Tolentini Monestary, Venice, 1998.

"Wonderfully paced,atmospheric Improv by a first rate duo" —The Wire.   

Dorothy Shaw If I dont' love you (SLAMCD101)

Standards and Brazilian-influenced music recorded in Oxford, UK  (1996), and Boston, USA (1993), with British, American and Brazilian musicians.

Harrison Smith Quartet Outside Inside (SLAMCD231)

Smith, saxes, bs clar.; Liam Noble, pno.; Jeremy Brown, bs.; Winston Clifford, dms. Recorded in London, 1998.

‘most beautiful compositions I have heard … I regard the whole CD as one of the best in 1998. —Jazz Live.

Jorge Szajko Orquesta Salvaje (SLAMCD246)

“Multi-instrumentalist and composer Szajko, born in Buenos Aires in 1956, began piano studies at the age of 6. He has worked across Europe with such stars as Dizzy Gillespie, Dino Saluzzi and Wayne Shorter. His Orquesta plays an eclectic collection of his compositions in a fusion of Argentine folkloric rhythms, jazz and contemporary music.

An avant-gardist Argentinian progressive rock symphony (there is simply no other way to describe it), it features a full string section, each track played by Szajko (no synthesizers involved). It has Latin dances, huge orchestral gestures dipped in atonality, and off-kilter drumming by Piny Levalle.” —François Couture, All-Music Guide

Federico Ughi The Space Within (SLAMCD236)

Italian drummer Federico Ughi in duos with saxophonists Steve Buckley, Rachel Musson and Matthew F. Morris. Ughi's sensitive drumwork exploring new areas with three very different sax stylists. Recorded in London,1998.

Unsolicited Music Ensemble Bulbs (SLAMCD250)

Unsolicited Music Ensemble is Martin Küchen, soprano & baritone saxes, Tony Wren, double bass and Raymond Strid, percussion. New live recordings made on Swedish tour by thisinternational trio of established figures in free improvised music.

"Bulbs is a first-rate disc, and highly recommended to improv fans." —Cadence

Various[see below] Pianoforte (SLAMCD257)

Live recording of the cream of British improvising pianists: Keith Tippett, Howard Riley, Stephen Grew, Pat Thomas.

"AN INCREDIBLE AND HISTORIC RELEASE" —Laurence Donohue-Greene, AllAbout Jazz New York.

ZAUM Above our heads the sky splits open            (SLAMCD258)

The second SLAM CD by ZAUM, this one was recorded live in concert, March 2004. ZAUM is the improvising group led by drummer Steve Harris, based in Poole, Dorset, UK.

Voted 3rd in Jazz Review's Critic's Poll Best of 2004

In The Wire's Top 50 Critic's Poll for 2004

'Easily the freshest and most thought provoking album of the year'  —Brian Morton, The Wire

Zen Fish (SLAMCD232)

Jim Dvorak, trumpet, pocket trumpet and flutes; Nick Evans, trombone; Gary Curson, alto sax; Keith Tippett, piano and percussion; Roberto Bellatalla, bass; Jim LeBaigue, drums. Recorded in London, 1998.

'A marvellous album featuring some major figures in British jazz and Improv....Great compositions and fine soloists make this album of the year material' —Andy Hamilton, The Wire.


Jan Kopinski ten/alto saxes, Wojtek Konikiewicz piano, Steve Harris drums. Live recordings from Feb-Mar 2002.

"music of character and bite." —JOHN FORDHAM, THE GUARDIAN

“Kopinski is one of Britain’s few authentic voices on saxophone” —Ben Watson, Hi-Fi News and Record Review “A hi-energy set from a vibrant trio of innovatory musicians.” —Simon Adams, Jazz Journal


Anglo-Argentine Jazz Quartet Live at the Red Rose (SLAMCD313)

Pablo Ledesma, George Haslam, Mono Hurtado, Paul Hession. Passionate jazz over the ethnic rhythms of the Chacarera, Milonga, Vidala - and improvisation with guests Lol Coxhill, Elton Dean, John Edwards and Lukax Santana. Recorded in London, March 2001.

“This is an excellent place for the adventurous listener to start with the SLAM label and is highly recommended.” —Beyond Coltrane 2002 by Fred Barrett

The Anglo-Kuopio Quartet  COOL MOON (SLAMCD319)

George Haslam baritone sax, tarogato, Mikko Pasanen piano, Jarmo Hiekkala double bass, Paul Hession drum set.

Lol Coxhill/George Haslam  SOLOS East West (SLAMCD308)

Recorded London 1990 & Krivoy Rog (Ukraine) 1995

‘Haslam's relaxed approach builds to a passionate intensity on Ellington's "It don't mean a thing".' —Andy Hamilton, The Wire.

George Haslam Argentine Adventures (SLAMCD304)

George Haslam recorded in Buenos Aires with different groups, 1991 - 93.

'The prevailing jazz sensibility sits well with the rhythmic roots of the source material - it's certainly not cultural soup' —David Morrison, The Wire

George Haslam Argentine Adventures Part 2 (SLAMCD307)

George Haslam recorded Buenos Aires, 1994/95

'George Haslam fascinates because he nudges the limits, explores uncharted territories, plays creatively, and conveys delight in doing so.' —Steven A. Loewy, Cadence.

George Haslam  Argentine Adventures Part 3 (SLAMCD311)

‘Travels with my Tarogato' George Haslam. Haslam back in Buenos Aires (Dec.1998) with some old pals - Mono Hurtado, Ruben Ferrero etc. plus new talent such as Marcelo Jeremias and Fabian Tejada, another voice to be heard is the Argentine soprano saxist Pablo Ledesma. For this third volume Haslam leaves his baritone sax and concentrates on his second instrument, the Hungarian tarogato - a sort of wooden soprano sax. The CD comprises 3 tracks in duo with Hurtado, a beautiful trio with Jeremias keyboards and Tejada on Udu drums, a duo with percussionist Monito Viera and an extended quintet improvisation with Ledesma, Ferrero, Hurtado and drummer Luis de la Torre. George Haslam bari sx, tgto.

George Haslam  DUOS East West (SLAMCD309)

George Haslam with Vladimir Solyanik in Kiev and Ruben Ferrero in Buenos Aires. Recorded Kiev & Buenos Aires, 1997

'Haslam has combined his talents with two distinguished, if little heard, pianists to create a memorable CD, one that brims with emotion and the sound of special musical contact,' —Stuart Broomer, Cadence.

George Haslam Level Two (SLAMCD303)

Paul Rutherford, Howard Riley, George Haslam, Marcio Mattos, Tony Marsh plus Liz Hodgson. Recorded in Oxford, 1992.'This is modern group improvising at its best, sixties freedom refined and matured into a very personal and iridescent language' —Jerome Wilson, Cadence.


Haslam (bass clarinet, baritone sax, tarogato) improvising in Buenos Aires with  friends Daniel Harari (tenor sax), Mono Hurtado (bass), Horacio Straijer (perc), Ruben Ferrero (piano, perc, voice) and Hill Greene (bass) 

(Bar code: 5 028386 03222 9)

George Haslam's FreeTime (SLAMCD320)

George Haslam’s Prague-based Quartet

George Haslam, baritone sax, tarogato; Swetja, guitars, fujara, saw; Jozef Laska, contrabass; Petr Zimak drums.


Free improvised jazz by Borah Bergman piano, George Haslam baritone sax and tarogato and Paul Hession drum set.

Studio set of uncompromising improvised music by the "Mahout" trio recorded June 2003, together with solo tracks by the three members.

George Haslam/Laszlo Gardony Harmonance (SLAMCD310)

George Haslam bari sx, tgto. Laszlo Gardony pno. Recorded Oxford 1991 & 1999

'On baritone Haslam is a great awesome force' —Cadence.

'Haslam is masterful on baritone' —Jazz Journal.

'Gardony throughout shows himself to be a virtuoso pianist ...his Jarrettesque solo' —Jazz Journal.           

George Haslam/Richard Leigh Harris TREDAVOE BLUE (SLAMCD312)

George Haslam baritone sax, tarogato, clarinet; Richard Leigh Harris piano. Six duo improvisations and 'Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat' are included in Haslam's latest sax/piano duo recording with contemporary pianist/composer Harris. The two have worked together since the late 1980s in lineups from duo to the larger groups of Raucustra and Meltdown.

“A masterful piece of improvised music. They tackle Goodbye Pork Pie Hat with a certain amount of reverence for both the composer and dedicatee and it is pleasing to hear the baritone lingering over the poignant melody and reminding us that no matter many times we’ve heard it we can still be moved by it. This short track, 5 minutes long, restrained and elegiac, is as near perfect a reading as any I’ve come across.” —Robert Spencer, 'Cadence'

George Haslam/Paul Hession  Pendle Hawk Carapace (SLAMCD315)

A selection of free duo improvisations - Hession on percussion and Haslam on baritone sax and/or tarogato, recorded in the natural beauty of the Pennines, February 2002

“This summit between saxophonist George Haslam and drummer Paul Hession is long over-due.” —Cadence

George Haslam/Paul Rutherford 1989 and all that (SLAMCD301)

'One of the most interesting record productions made in jazz in recent years' —Rockerilla (Italy).

' ….the fury of Rutherford … the sensitivity and attack of Haslam … such experiences are very rare.' —Jazz Passion, France.


George Haslam (baritone sax)/Esmond Selwyn (guitar)/Steve Kershaw (bass)

Three fine musicians come together to spend a little time ”getting inside some favourite jazz standards” – with sublime results. 

(Bar code: 5 028386 03212 0)

Latin from the North (SLAMCD317)

Latin Jazz with Steve Waterman trumpet, flugelhorn. George Haslam baritone sax. Mads Kjølby Olesen guitar. Steve Kershaw double bass. Robin Jones congas. Petter Svärd drums. Released 1 September 2003

"infectious and uplifting pieces that mix fine ensemble work with shapely, melodic soloing from all concerned" Paul Donnelly, ‘the end product is really lively and enjoyable… and a number from the Buena Vista Social Club repertoire, in which trumpeter Steve Waterman catches the Cuban style to perfection.’ —Dave Gelly, The Observer

The Plaza Jazz Trio  Soaring (SLAMCD316)

The Plaza Jazz Trio was formed at Havana's Plaza Jazz Festival by Steve Waterman, trumpet, flugelhorn and electronic valve instrument; George Haslam, baritone sax. and tarogato; Robin Jones, congas and shakere. A progamme of mostly standards in free Latin form, comprising El Manicero (The Peanut Vendor); Tale of an African Lobster by Shorty Rodgers; George Haslam's Soft Awakening; Tea For Two; Recado Bossa Nova; Begin the Beguine; Bye Bye Blackbird and the title track, Soaring. Two horns over the rhythmic base of Robin Jones' congas ~ Mambo, Bossa Nova, Rumba .. and improvisation.“This is one of those recordings which is very good indeed but which is so low-key in the way it presents itself that it may not get the attention it deserves. Please join me in preventing this. If you care for Latin stuff at all and/or enjoy musical ingenuity, do buy this.” —Roger Thomas, ‘Jazz Review’

Parker - Haslam – Edwards (SLAMCD314)

Evan Parker sop sax, George Haslam bari sax & tarogato and John Edwards double bass. A complete unedited live concert of improvised music given in the Holywell Music Room, Oxford on 3 September, 2000. Recorded and mastered by Tim Turan. Seventy three minutes of Solo, Duo and Trio improvisations by some of the best exponents of the art.

“This is free music at its most cohesive and coherent best.”

Paul Rutherford/Lol Coxhill/George Haslam/Howard Riley The Holywell Concert (SLAMCD302)

Recorded in Oxford, 1990

'It is for free followers only - but excellent' —Barry McRae, Jazz Journal.           

Mal Waldron/George Haslam  Two new (SLAMCD306)

Recorded Oxford 1995.

'The tarógató is really beautiful - and surprising.' —Imre Kiss, Hungarian Radio

Mal Waldron/George Haslam Waldron Haslam (SLAMCD305)

Recorded in St Ives, 1994.

'Magnifique!!' —Virgin Megapresse.    






Haslam, Nesterov, Solyanik, Khmeliov Communications (SLAMCD404)

The first improvised music to be recorded and released in Ukraine. Recorded Kiev, 1997

'Hawkwind meets Cecil Taylor' —Ben Watson, Hi-Fi News

Various Artists [see below] Slamfest (SLAMCD405) 2CD Set

Features five groups - Dreamtime (Evans, Tippett etc.) Elton Dean/Howard Riley, Coxhill/Haslam/Rutherford, Harrison Smith Quartet, and Jim Dvorak/Phil Minton. This first SLAM CD release for 2001 is a live recording of the two nights of music played at The Premises, London, July 1999 to celebrate the tenth year of SLAM CDs. The line up presents an impressive array of musicians prominent on the British improvising scene - most of which have appeared on previous SLAM releases. The recording is another example of the impressive abilities of soundman Dill Katz.

This double CD package is offered at the same price as a SLAM single CD.

“…a powerful blast from a pungent and characterful corner of contemporary music.” — Chris Potter, The Guardian           

Various Artists [see below] Women with Standards (SLAMCD403)

Alison Bentley, Mandy Fox, Shirley Kent, Anita Wardell.. Four vocalists each with four favourite standards including 'September in the rain' 'Crazy' 'Willow weep for me' 'This can't be love' etc. Recorded London & Birmingham.

Various Artists Women with Voices (SLAMCD402)

Compilation - Julie Tippetts, Alquimia, Vanessa Mackness etc. Recorded London/Oxford/Birmingham/Luton/Mexico City/Kidderminster/Seattle 1975-1993.

'Creativity is high throughout this collection, a sure bet for anyone looking to pick up a wide-ranging survey of the female voice' —Carl Baugher, Cadence.





Ensemble Uncontrolled Links (SLAMCD507)

Edward Akulin tbn; Christoph Gallio sop/alto saxes; Takashi Kazamaki pcn; Kalle Laar gtr/electronics; Mart Soo gtr. Paul Hoskin bs clt guests on 2 tracks. A very international improvising line-up from Estonia, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and USA, recorded in Tallinn (1997) and Osaka (1996).

"the music offers a complex, rich amalgam of ideas" —François Couture, All-Music Guide.           

Ruben Ferrero, Mirte Insauralde De igual a igual (SLAMCD502)

Recorded Buenos Aires 1993/94

'The ballads are rich and emotive and the rhythm tracks soar with grace' —Robert Iannopollo, Cadence

Steve Lacy & Mal Waldron Let's call this .... Esteem (SLAMCD501)

Recorded Oxford, 1993

'The performances are uniformly excellent.” —Richard Cook/Brian Morton Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD.

Eric Mingus, Jim Dvorak This Isn't Sex (SLAMCD504)

Recorded London 1999


Stefano Pastor  violin, percussion, vocals, Stefano Calcagno trombone, Piero Leveratto double bass, Maurizio Borgia drums.

On “Transmutations”, Pastor’s second CD, the ten tracks take material from diverse sources – Mozart to Ornette Coleman, pop to Coltrane, Jobim, show music and of course the blues – “transmuted” into excellent jazz vehicles.

Recorded at the Mascherona Studio, Genova, Italy, Octobe, 2005.     


Max Roach, Mal Waldron Explorations ... to the mth degree (SLAMCD505) 2CD set.

Recorded in Antwerp, Belgium, 1995.

'a release of considerable historical importance' —Ron Watson, 'Voice'



 "The music on this CD is the result of a long collaboration of the musicians who form this trio. The project is completely based on interpretation of music written by Alessandro Garau. The greater part of the music, excepting two compositions of pure jazz inspiration, is set up in a contrapuntal way, to create a perfect balance between the instruments. The melodic and rhythmic lines contribute therefore to create a compact and fluid music. The desire was to set up the work so to create coherence of solos and the written music, consequently every song has its own characteristic atmosphere. Additionally, the publication of this work is proposed to introduce beyond the borders of Sardinia a real and important musical scene rich of ideas found in the jazz of this island; a branch of the art often suffocated by the production of “ethnic” music emanating from the island." —Alessandro Garau.
(bar code: (5 028386 05132 9)

Horacio Straijer Marimba y Bombo Legüero (SLAMCD508)

Argentine Folk Music and Improvisation by Horacio Straijer. Recorded in Buenos Aires, 2003, Horacio Straijer on marimba, bombo legüero and other percussion with Sergio Romano, guitar.

Horacio Straijer & 'Mono' Hurtado  Straijer – Hurtado (SLAMCD503)

Recorded Buenos Aires, 1995

'hovering atmospheric harmonics.... staggering, flowing melodies' —Michael Rosenstein, Cadence

Jorge Daniel Szajko and Orquesta Salvaje  Penas Argentinas (SLAMCD509)

Penas Argentinas is Jorge Szajko’s second CD released on SLAM (following ‘Orquestra Salvaje’, SLAMCD 246). His first CD attracted some of the best critiques of any SLAM release:  “I'm sorry, Jorge, but I cannot afford a genius grant for you. I would if I could, but at least I can let the world know what I think of this astonishing disc” Fred Barrett, Beyond Coltrane. “Szajko clearly has a unique musical vision that stretches beyond words” Francois Couture All Music Guide. Jazz Views voted it in the top ten ‘non British’ CDs of 2002.

The title of this second CD is loosely interpreted as “Argentine Blues” and some of the music (the Milonga and the Zamba) reflect the problems of the country’s problems during the past 3 years – but life goes on with the irrepressible Chacarera and Carnavalito.           

UMO Jazz Orchestra Plays the Music of Muhal Richards Abrams (SLAMCD506)

Helsinki based big band playing music composed, arranged and directed by Muhal Richard Abrams who was described in the Penguin Guide as "one of the most important catalytic forces in contemporary jazz and improvisation". Recorded in Helsinki, 1988. 2000 release.


With the help and support of Argentine musicians, radios, press and friends, George Haslam set out to compile a selection of some of the exciting contemporary jazz played in Argentina today ~ from La Plata and Buenos Aires to Patagonia, Mendoza, San Luis on an amazing tour of discovery. Volume 1 contains 70 minutes across 12 tracks by 12 different groups, each track completely different from the previous but all unmistakably Argentine. Probably the strongest overall flavour is that of the array of ethnic rhythms employed in the music.